• 17 January 2018
Project Description

Sibdog is a social app for connecting dog lovers around the world. The app enables the user to help socialize the dogs, and describing the dog’s attributes and behavior around other dogs and people. The app also notifies when you’re walking your dog, and what other dogs are at the off leash park you are going to visit.

The application is a fun, interactive, community driven platform where dog owners can see whose dog is at the park or on walk.There are over 500,000 dog bites per year in Canada and close to 4.5 million dog bits in the USA.How to avoid lawsuits and keep your dog happy?Welcome to Sibdog.Do you want your dog to socialize in a healthy way? Can you tell how another dog will react towards your dog? What if there was an app that will let you describe your dog's attributes and behavior around other dogs and people. What if you want to know what other dogs are at the off-leash park you're going to visit? How about when you're walking your dog?  Do you want to find your dog's siblings? Sibdog was built to help you do all of that.


  • Shares information within dog loving community
  • Create profile of dog
  • Help find dog’s siblings
  • Allows user to link on social network
  • WEB APIs
  • Responsive design


  • Drupal 7
  • PHP framework
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • Apache
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  • Client


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