• 24 February 2018
Project Description

Explore your city with POPin - The Smart City Experience app that connects
you to the City around you.

Instantly discover City Attractions, City Services, and sensational shopping
deals and information all in the palm of your hands based on precisely where
you are.

Discover - Discover City Attractions (Galleries, tourist districts and hot
spots, museums, night life, adventure, etc.), events, important City
information (City Departments, police, medical, Education, Embassies, etc)
and shopping deals (Fashion, cafes, restaurants, services, accommodation,
etc.) all the palm of your hands.

Navigate - Get Directions to places you wish to visit via car, bus, train or
Taxi. POPin is fully integrated into Google maps.

Interact & Engage - when in close proximity to our Beacon sensors and QR
codes - POPin delivers contextual information to the smartphone, creating a
rich interactive experience.

POPin uses the latest Proximity technology- Beacon, QR Code and Geo-Location
to instantly connect you to amazing offers and city information.

Explore POPin Zones (Beacon enabled zones) to quickly discover what's
happening around you and never miss out on anything!

  • Share amazing information and offers with your friends and family
  • Discover proximity based information using QR Codes and POPin Zone.
  • Review your history of favourites
  • Navigate to city locations

Explore the City around you in an interactive and engaging way.

POPin - your Smart City App

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