Polyhouse Automation IoT Based Digital Smart Solutions

The main purpose of green/poly house is to protect cultivation from biotic (disease-causing organism i.e. insects, pests) and abiotic stresses (climatic factors i.e. Temperature, humidity etc.) which cause a major decrease in production (up to 90%).

A normal greenhouse which costs 200-350 INR/square meter are most common in India (over 90% of total protected cultivation) but it is not that effective because of manual operations and labour requirement. Semi-automatic and normal greenhouses also have some facility like sprinklers, dripping system, fans and pads facility but the overall operation is done manually by assuming climatic parameters manually. It requires good sense and knowledge of climatic parameters as well as physical presence is required every time.

To overcome this scenario, Mobiloitte technologies has made a cost-effective and user-friendly solution with the help of IoT and Information Technology. The solution contains a device loaded with sensors, Wi-Fi router and farmer-friendly bilingual (in English and Hindi) mobile app (iOS and Android version).

Concerned Industry

  • Greenhouses/polyhouses,
  • Hydroponics/Aquaponics/Aeroponics.
  • Protected Cultivation (Greenhouse/Polyhouse, Nethouse, Glasshouse)
  • Open Farm Agriculture
  • Home Gardening
  • Mushroom Cultivation

Mobiloitte Solutions

  • Monitoring of different climatic parameters i.e. Temperature, Relative humidity, Light intensity.
  • Monitoring of Soil related parameters i.e. Soil temperature, soil pH, EC etc.
  • Water management through overhead (fogging) and root zone (dripping, flow table) control.
  • Fertigation control.
  • User friendly app-based automation and monitoring solution.
  • Climatic parameter monitoring through setting of optimum range of parameters as per crop requirement.
  • Crop history.
  • Climatic parameters history in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pattern.
  • Multilingual app (iOS and Android).
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Farmer dashboard- to calculate, monitor and manage expenses and profit.
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