PLAYMessenger - Kids Safe Chat

  • 27 February 2018
Project Description

PLAYMessenger, the first safe chat app designed specifically for kids, with parents in mind. Kids are given a sense of independence and are able to send text, picture and voice messages to their friends and family, all while parents have peace of mind their children are safe and secure.


  • Buddies & Chats. Send your best friend, baby sitter, or grandmother a Buddy request. Send text, photo and voice messages to your Buddies...even send them emojis!.
  • MyKIDS. Child accounts are linked to a parent account and managed in the parent’s settings. Parents can monitor their child's activity, chat history, existing buddies and new requests from their own PLAYGround profile.
  • Trust Mode. Parents can choose the level of oversight they want and personalize it for each child. When Trust mode is OFF all messages and requests require parental approval before they are sent to a child, and when Trust Mode is ON messages and requests are sent directly to the child without parental approval.
  • Identity verification. Adult users are verified during the registration process to ensure they are who they say they are.
  • Language filter. Language filters monitor all text messages sent to kids and adults. Parents are alerted when their child has attempted to send another user an inappropriate message, and kids are warned when they have attempted to send an inappropriate message.
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