Play Date

  • 27 February 2018
Project Description

Bringing 21 st century tech to 21 st century moms and dads!

Introducing a bigger, better, stronger, faster way to plan PlayDates, parties, events and pretty much any other fun thing you can think of to do with kids. PlayDate lets you create your own PlayDates and events and post them to the world or just those parents (and kids) you want to invite. See what’s happening from friends having a party to concerts, museums or huge events right at home or across the globe.

Want to set up a PlayDate next Saturday at the pool? PlayDate lets you invite just your kid(s)’friends…through mom and dad of course…Set up the details, add a pic or two, select invitees from your contact list and BAM…you’re done…everyone gets a text (whether they have the app or not, but why not?It’s free and totally useful!). You can opt in to get a notification when invitees swipe and you can always see who is IN, OUT or MAYBE.

Speaking of who is IN… The beauty of PlayDate lies in the PlayDate listing itself. Once someone clicks on your event, they have to swipe Right or Left, or Tap and decide if they are IN, OUT or MAYBE. You get detailed stats on attendees. Everyone else can see who is going, who might be going, and even who is not going. So no one forgets, INed PlayDates are automatically sent directly to your calendar. You can also post events that are not so private…we call these global…think a big soccer match or a fun kids’ concert or anything where your goal is to attract kids AND parents on a grander scale. Global events are always anonymous when it comes to kids, i.e. no one can see any kids data other than number of kids attending and that only through the parent(s)’ detail which is only visible if that parent is in YOUR contact list.

Global events can also be pushed directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so getting the word out is easy-peazy. Bear in mind that privacy, safety and security, especially as it relates to our kids, is tantamount. Global events by default mask any identifiable kid(s) detail. We haven’t forgotten about everywhere else either. Select the dropdown on the event list screen and you can key in any location in the world…drop a pin and hit GO. See what’s happening in Paris, Beijing, Rome, San Francisco…anywhere in the world. If you have a trip coming up and are looking for some fun, you can find it here…swipe and it goes right to your calendar giving you a built in itinerary of kid-centric, fun stuff to do! Want to search for something specific? The left slide menu lets you parse events based on distance, keyword, gender, age or category (we basically consolidated every possible event type into 5 categories- but it does help narrow it down!). From sports to parties to everything else….PlayDate helps you find your fun! The right slide menu lets you manage everything related to you from your profile to calendar settings and people you follow.

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