Plant Tissue Culture Sensor Enabled Software Solutions

Plant Tissue Culture is a method of in vitro culture of plant parts (cell, tissue organ etc.) in well-defined sterile condition. Maintenance of sterile condition and prevention of contamination is the most important part of the technique. Maintenance of sterilization and monotonous laborious tasks are basic hectic tasks for a tissue culturist. Preparation of culture media, Inoculation of thousands of plants preventing contamination and controlling incubation condition are the main fields where we target as a digital and mobile application company. With IoT and sensor enabled internet system, it is quite easy to control climatic conditions of incubation chamber.

Concerned Industry
  • Commercial production units
  • Commercial biogas production
  • Research and development.
  • Lengthy and laborious culturing and incubation process
  • Fluctuation in conditions required for incubation
  • Media preparation
  • Subculturing
  • Hardening and acclimatization of cultured plants.
Mobiloitte solutions
  • Lab automated process makes process easy and save time.
  • App controlled climatic condition
  • App based weighing and pH measuring systems.
  • Reminders for subculturing.
  • Identification of contamination

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