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Mobiloitte’s CMD Jagdish Harsh’s on IoT Health Care interview with Open Source Magazine

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become the next big thing in the technology world. But there are some big challenges to be overcome. Jagdish Harsh, founder and chief managing director of Mobiloitte, the an IT company based in New Delhi, Singapore, UK and USA focusing on BOTS, APPS, Digital and Internet of Things (IoT), discusses these challenges with Jagmeet Singh of OSFY and highlights the potential of the growing IoT space for Indian developers. Edited excerpts.How has IoT evolved in India?

IoT has evolved significantly across the globe. You can find some great examples of this evolution in Singapore, Denmark and Spain. And this same pace of growth is catching on in India with the government’s clear focus on digitisation and the huge budget allocation around connected healthcare. A few focused companies are taking the initiative in this space, on their own.

There is a large pool of well-trained medical professionals available in India, which has helped to enhance the potential of IoT developments in the healthcare sector. Also, the government has provided policy support to IoT enablers by reducing excise and custom duties, and offering exemptions in service tax.

Having said that, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, software/hardware specialists and domain experts from all sectors need to collaborate and work hand-in-hand to set the right expectations. Apart from harnessing technology around IoT, empowering people in rural areas by making the solution platform affordable is likely to be the key to drive the growth of connected devices.

The medical tourism market in India is reported to have had a turnover of around US$ 3.9 billion in 2016 and is predicted to hit US$ 8 billion by 2020. This is a major reason for manufacturers to develop new healthcare-focused IoT devices. Some new drug testing laboratories are also being established to advance medical services and help the government develop the country as a global healthcare hub in the near future.

The worldwide IoT market value is predicted at over $220 billion by 2020. The Indian government has already constructed a policy to support this growing trend in the form of reduced excise and custom duty, and exemption in service in service.

About Mobiloitte:

Mobiloitte’s strength lies in its ability to know where IoT applications are needed as well as in finding faster and cheaper ways to connect with devices. The company also focuses on greener manufacturing and developing solutions with completely remote mobile device management (MDM), thus reducing device management complexity.

Instead of just delivering cheaper solutions, Delhi-based Mobiloitte helps enterprises make affordable IoT solutions without compromising on security and interoperability. It develops products for predictive prevention of health issues, and to improve machine efficiency and reliability.

How is IoT enhancing the present healthcare sector in India?

The Indian government is increasingly spending on healthcare, and closing the infrastructure gap as well as addressing the workforce scarcity. But to bring IoT to the healthcare sector, many big organisations have just started contributing with end-to-end patient engagement platforms. Wearables are also leading to innovations that enhance the fitness to the mainstream population.

In addition to some large companies, startups are also actively researching and partnering up with NGOs to improve the health of the masses, using IoT.

Moreover, one of the major areas that has been active in the IoT scene from the year 2012, and focuses on one’s life in this 21st century’s stress driven life is health. There are wrist bands to add a dash of wearable fun to the fitness process. It is a huge hit among health-conscious youth. Sensor-powered pendants that can detect falls are also available to support elderly people.

What are the big challenges in developing apps for the IoT world?

Just like building solutions in any other nascent space, creating apps for IoT also involves some major challenges.

Developers need to focus on network latency, determinism and bandwidth when building IoT apps for precision-based machines. If the timing is off, even for a millisecond, the entire production floor could fail. Likewise, IoT systems need to be adaptive and scalable through software. Having black box systems that do not communicate well together are of no use in the connected space.

IoT applications can be built on tens of thousands of sensor nodes, but all this increases threat surface areas by orders of magnitude. Therefore, developers need to implement security at each and every level of their code. Industrial systems also have to be continually modified and maintained to meet changing requirements. Additionally, an effective platform-based approach should focus not on hardware or software but on the innovation within the application itself, and provide enough flexibility to the system to evolve and adapt.

How does your team resolve challenges in building IoT apps?

A single silver bullet cannot meet all the challenges in the IoT space. However, we consider that the challenges in developing apps for the connected space are forecastable — their redundancy is built-in and alliances with trusted and highly skilled organisations should be formed. We also prefer the establishment and formalisation of checklists and globally acceptable protocols in order to align different tools, technologies, people and processes.

Do you leverage any open source technologies while developing apps for IoT hardware?

The AllSeen Alliance, DSA, Eclipse IoT (Kura), and Open Connectivity Foundation are some of the promising open source technologies and platforms for connected devices. However, not one technology fits all solutions.

Hence, we believe in creating a hybrid architecture, which is the consolidation of the best of breeds from a plethora of open source technologies, as a one-stop solution for most IoT needs.

Is it easy to create a network of IoT devices through open source?

This would vary from case to case. While open source solutions can address some challenges, proprietary solutions can address other use cases, and several other use cases can be addressed via a mix of open source and proprietary solutions. As a thumb rule, the best-of-breed solutions need to be leveraged to create a seamless IoT platform that is universally acceptable, works in real-time, is cost effective and predictive.

Can a simple app developer be an enabler in the IoT world?

Yes, why not? The transformation of a traditional app developer to a developer for the IoT world requires only a few steps. We make this possible at Mobiloitte and create a bank of developers by internally training them, monitoring their progress on a weekly basis and filling in their skill gaps by stepping in and providing thought leadership.

We have our own CoE (Centre of Excellence) managed by the TRG and led by our CTO that continues to conduct research on new and upcoming technologies, creates reusable components, develop zero build reusable frameworks, ready-to-use code snippets and documents them and makes them available step by step on the intranet to train new faces. We also have a team of specialists who are specialised in the IoT apart from many complex and intelligible applications and programs. This gives an educational environment to traditional developers.

Is it possible for a developer to reach out to Mobiloitte for recruitment merely on the basis of some prior app development skills?

At Mobiloitte, we have a policy for social upliftment, which entails hiring B. Tech and M. Tech graduates right from their college campuses located in the not so developed places like Gorakhpur, Bareilly and from underdeveloped regions of Odisha, Uttaranchal and Punjab. They are handpicked through a well-designed, on-campus screening process and then brought to New Delhi.

We provide weekly training on trending technology topics to help them on domain- and technology-specific topics. Training is conducted by our TRG members to help the domain and technical leads keep up with the ever changing and fast paced technology shifts.

We also have a well-defined programme for people with physical disabilities to embrace Mobiloitte and become enablers not only in their professional life but also in their personal lives. We believe that physical disability has nothing to do with intellectual capabilities.

What are the prime security areas that you focus on while developing apps for connected devices?

Development around IoT where multiple devices are connected with multiple protocols and platforms comes with a new set of security threats. Therefore, we focus on minimising the collection of personal data. We believe that personally identifiable data (PII) should be collected PII data only as much as required and the collected must be encrypted and is not shared at any time without the owner’s permission. We also ensure information flow enforcement and secure physical access control on IoT equipment to prevent access by malicious users.

You cannot completely secure the apps for connected devices, but limiting multi-user access and releasing patches based on the behavioural analysis of users helps to reduce the surface threats for attacks. They are many more security threats that we are continuing to work on and evaluate, assess and monitor are among the major ones.

Do you think security is one of the vital concerns for an IoT app maker like Mobiloitte?

Yes, security is the primary concern for any IoT-focused organisation including Mobiloitte. Security threats are, in fact, one big reason why adoption of IoT is not gaining the momentum as it should.

As more and more modern medical devices are being deployed, they are adding to the collection of connected devices encompassed by IoT. However, many healthcare professionals have found that with these advanced devices, come more advanced cyber-threats as well.

There is a need to design protection services to reduce attacks in the IoT space, while detection services should be deployed to receive activity data from healthcare applications, devices and networks and analyse captured health data, eventually detecting any anomaly. With the aid of defence mechanism, reaction services should also help health entities survive all mass attacks.

How do you ensure that your clients’ intellectual property (IP) is secured?

We at Mobiloitte have designed and successfully delivered very innovative products including IoT-based solutions, solutions on Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence-enabled, self-learning bots, solutions on cognitive services and other mobility solutions that simplify businesses.

Especially during the past five years, we have been extremely focused on security, as threats at application, network and data storage levels have raised multi-folds. We have evolved processes, tapped into combinations of technologies and developed automatic monitoring, logging and alert system for any personnel or intrusion systems trying to breach the policies.

IP is one very critical aspect of how our customers become our partners. We offer them privileged access based on version control and access the code only through physical workstations on LAN/WAN. Also, we use a secure VPN tunnel to remotely access the solutions of our clients, and we continuously monitor and regularise policy controls for each new development.

We use security monitoring tools and solutions to generate tamper-proof audit control so that the IP can not accessed reports. Additionally, the code release process strictly follows NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) signed with our customers and encryption of PII data is mandatory for all our offerings.

What are your views on the Indian government’s first ‘Internet of Things Policy’?

The policy is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is evident that the government is very keen and aggressively pursuing rolling out of IoT infrastructure so that it becomes affordable and benefits the 70 per cent of the Indian population living in rural areas.

The IoT Policy by Government of India:

The IoT policy document drafted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) includes following objectives:

To create an IoT industry in India of $15 billion by 2020. Presumably, India would have a share of 5-6 percent of global IoT space.

To undertake capacity development (human and technology) for IoT-specific skill-sets for domestic and international markets.

To undertake research and development for all the assisting technologies.

To develop IoT products specific to Indian needs in the domains of agriculture, health, water quality natural disasters, transportation, security, automobile, supply chain management, smart cities, automated metering and monitoring of utilities, waste management and Oil and Gas.

The framework of the IoT policy has been proposed to be implemented via multi-pillar approach. This comprises five vertical pillars, namely Demonstration Centres, Capacity Building and Incubation, R&D and Innovation, Incentives and Engagements, Human Resource Development, and two horizontal supports in the form of Standards and Governance structure.

To me, the government’s initiatives towards IoT are not only exciting but also a strong signal to us to join hands and work to our utmost capacity to make the IoT dream come true.

Last of all, where do you see the app market in the next five-year span? Will it be all-pervasive in India?

The app market is presently in its early phase. My view is that ultimately everything is going to be on one or more apps.

There is a huge explosion waiting to happen in the app world, especially in the Indian market. Uber, Haptik, Paytm and Flipkart have just shown us the power of apps. There is much more to come.

Apps will play a key role in connecting all the dots, so that all of us live in a connected way. Right from connected healthcare to smart cities, apps improve the quality of life not just in urban regions but also in some major parts of rural India. App developers are likely to bring about innovations such as predictable farming, smart education for rural children and care for rural elderly in the near future. All in all, apps are going to be the only media that you will carry in your pocket, 24×7. It think this would happen even sometime sooner than two years.

Ministry of Power brings Transparency on Web by releasing URJA India Website

New Delhi, India – July 25, 2016 – Power Ministry of India continued to add momentum to Digital India campaign by releasing URJA India website, an effort to bring transparency for indian citizen to check ranking of their DISCOMS on laptop/ desktop computers. The website is accessible on URL.

URJA India website allows consumer to get various information about DISCOMS (distribution companies) in their local region as well as on national level. The platform is a great initiative by Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) of Power Finance Corporation (PFC) to increase efficiency and productivity in power supply sector.

The website is a platform to check how specific DISCOMS are performing on state and national level, generating a healthy competition among each other. It rank towns, DISCOMS and states based on below monthly performance parameters:

  • Consumer complaints pending
  • Average duration of power cuts
  • Average number of power cuts
  • Pending connections
  • Percentage of consumers making e-payments
  • Percentage loss of power/theft

Earlier in the month of June, the Power Ministry released URJA App for Android platform during the Conference of Power Ministers in Goa. URJA India website is an effort to make the data accessible through web browsers on laptops and desktops. The website is designed responsive, making it easy to use on smartphone and tablet browsers as well.

Urban Jyoti Abhiyan website is free to use and offers two major dashboards, one for the consumers (citizen of India) and second one is an IPDS Dashboard. The website displays consumer-centric data through dynamic IT systems created under IPDS (R-APDRP) covering 1405 towns all over the India as of now, which are expected to grow month after month with an aim to cover pan India.

The website is designed and developed by a new age Digital Company, Mobiloitte, which is an early adopter of new technologies for its’ clients and always stay ahead of the curve on their go-mobile strategy. Mobiloitte foundation is dedicated to the cause of technology empowerment of underprivileged and hard to reach target groups.

With the release of URJA website, Indian citizen are now able to get power supply information, getting connected with the Ministry of Power under Digital India campaign.

Power Minister Piyush Goyal adds momentum to `Digital India’ with launch of URJA Mobile App

The two day Conference of State Power Ministers in Goa, on 16th-17th of June-2016, highlighted its objective of outlining ongoing schemes and issues related to power, coal & renewable energy sectors. During the conference, Honorable Power Minister Shri. Piyush Goyal released URJA App, developed by Mobiloitte, to bring transparency to citizens on performance of their DISCOMs and state and as compared to others.

GOA, India – June 16, 2016 – The two day conference included Ministers and Secretaries of departments of Power, Renewable Energy, & Mines of all Indian states and Union Territories. The conference is aimed at addressing the implementation review of issues, improvements,and future plans related to power, coal, and renewable energy with digitization. The discussion included Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY), 24×7 Power for All, Rural Electrification Program, efforts required to reduce AT&C losses and other agenda.

During the conference Shri. Piyush Goyal released URJA App to connect the citizens and DISCOMs of India with the Power Ministry. The app allows users to get information of performance of their town, DISCOMs and State level on different parameters including their ranking, pending consumer complaints, average power cuts, percentage of consumers making e-Payments, as well as power loss or theft. The app also gives information on schemes and initiatives that are being undertaken by the Govt. of India to improve the power supply.

URJA App is built for the citizens of India and is currently available on Android mobile platform. Shortly it will be also available on iOS and Windows platforms. The app is designed & developed by the chosen technology partner, Mobiloitte – a leading full service Mobile App Company focused on BOTS, APPS, DIGITAL & IoT. Based out of New Delhi, Mobiloitte has veritable presence in Singapore, Dubai & USA with global delivery capabilities, attributed to its team of 500+ professionals across a wide gamut of technologies and platforms.

Empaneled with NeGD (Digital India), Ministry of Communications & IT, GoI, Mobiloitte is affiliated with NASSCOM, FICCI, MSME, Drupal and has rendered its expertise to Startups, SMEs, PSUs & Enterprises.

A new age company, Mobiloitte is apt at early adoption of new technologies for its’ clients to always stay ahead of the curve in their go-mobile strategy. Mobiloitte foundation is dedicated to the cause of technology empowerment of under privileged and hard to reach population groups.

Source: PRLog

Mobiloitte rated amongst the 25 Fastest Growing Enterprise Software Companies in India.

The Cover Story

Founded in 2004 as a Consulting & Staffing company with 10 people, Mobiloitte today employs around 400 people from 15 different states and speaking different languages, and is an authority in development of future-ready Mobile & Web Apps and delivery of next-gen Digital solutions.

Headquartered at New Delhi and with representative offices/client proximity centers across Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida (India), Auckland (New Zealand), & Massachusetts (USA), Mobiloitte enjoys global delivery capabilities and has a client base of 1500+ which includes names like Microsoft, GM, Goodyear, SanDisk, All India Radio, etc.

By end of 2016 Mobiloitte is all set to double its team size, establish more offices within Indian and in Singapore & Dubai, and strengthen its solutions portfolio with services in the areas of IoT (Internet of Things) and SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).

Source: The CEO Magazine

Mobiloitte all set to include innovative “2D/3D interactive Gaming services” to existing portfolio of App Development Services

New Delhi – India, December 03, 2015: A Premier full service Enterprise Web and Mobile service provider, Mobiloitte has announced its readiness to enter the mobile game development segment. The company is expanding its web (Drupal, PHP, WordPress, ROR, Magento etc.) and mobile (iOS & Android via native and cross-platform approach) app development services to ”mobile gaming” segment.

Mobiloitte is launching its 2D and 3D mobile game development services with great zeal and optimism. It has a team of eccentric and experienced game developers who have shown tremendous enthusiasm in unravelling company’s ambitions. The company has revealed that it is bestowed with innovative technologies like Unity3D, Cocos2Dx, Corona etc. and latest tools as vital to create 2D/3D Games. With right expertise, experience and programming, games will be aptly designed that will meet the screen resolution and technical specifications of user’s mobile platform.

Further to above, Mr. Rupak Agarwal, Director – Business Development at Mobiloitte, candidly enlightened more on the announcement by saying, “The market study has revealed promising forecasts about gaming app industry, whereby, the gaming market is estimated to cross the revenue of $76.5 Billion by 2017. In our opinion, the timing of our launch of 2D/3D interactive mobile games is ideally right. This innovation will drive users to experiment upon new gaming apps. Our dynamic contribution in mobile game app industry will surely add hike in the current estimates.”

The company has taken this platform to share features that will be reflected via its interactive mobile game development services irrespective of the mobile platform:-

Cross platform 2D/ 3D computer graphics software/program Flexible plug-in architecture Effective designs with integrated development tools Open source or multiple source game framework Interesting modelling capabilities with animation & interactive applications Multi-player, single player and multi-level games Generate games for multiple platforms as per client’s specifications & requirements Game Development options @ Mobiloitte Mobiloitte has confidently expressed its determination to rule the heart of millions of mobile users by offering them world-class game development services in both 2D and 3D platforms. Idea of the company is to engross users by inputting interactive features, mind-boggling generic puzzles or interesting storyline in the mobile game software.

About Mobiloitte:

Mobiloitte has carved its niche as Web & Mobile App Company by offering world-class native as well as cross-platform mobile apps services for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The growing years in this segment has enhanced its experience in dealing with clients from across the world in diverse business verticals and interests; naming a few – education, music, sports, trivia, casinos, and adventure etc. The company has dedicated over a decade in transforming the face of digital & mobile world by providing services in various platforms like iOS, Android, ROR Titanium, PhoneGap, NodeJS, ionic, and pioneers in IOT, offering integration of iBeacon, Augmented Reality and other features. Their services have helped clients in augmenting their business growth and revenue generation. With its 2D/3D interactive mobile game developing services, Mobiloitte is evolving a digitally innovative chapter of booms & bangs in this progressive segment.

Mobiloitte @ “The Mobile Show” Middle East 2015, Dubai

New Delhi – India, May 10, 2015: Mobiloitte, a leading Enterprise Web and Mobile solutions company, today, announced that they will participate in the biggest event on mobile technology in Middle-East – The Mobile Show 2015, taking place on 12th- 13th of May at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event, which will throw light on various radicals of telecom, mobility, digitization and enterprise, allows attendees to participate in different informative sessions on innovative and cutting-edge telecom and mobility solutions from the best minds in the business.

The event will also allow attendees to network with each other and explore business opportunities and learn how digitization will help them grow bigger and generate greater revenue.

The CEO of the company, Jagdish Harsh is highly upbeat at this development and highlights, he spoke – “A significant percentage of our clientele is located in Middle East. Mobiloitte is actually planning to open up its offices in Dubai and Oman later this year. We thought, it would be great to get a first-hand view of things out here, meet prospective clients looking to bring their Mobile App concept to reality and identify partners in this region.”

The company plans to showcase its vast range of Mobile and Web based solutions and services at the meet and also address issues like:

  • Enabling Always -on Mobile applications-focused Enterprise work environment
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) Enterprise environment set up and maintenance
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems for Mobile and Web Applications

About The Event:

The event aims to bring global telecom community, enterprises and government under one roof to form a better hyper-connected world, helping understand importance of digitization and how it can improve business opportunities.

With competition intensifying in the mobile world full of myriads of products and expected margins being squeezed, the event will throw light on need of the hour, i.e. to help brands understand and collaborate with industry stalwarts in order to gift consumers with sustainable and worthwhile products.

Agendas of the Event:

  • Mobile: The new heart of the digital customer experience
  • Bridging the Spectrum: New creative solutions bridging the gap between print & digital media
  • Arabic mobile content consumption – are Arabs mobile friendly?
  • Mobile app development trends
  • Innovation, iterations and growing in your mobile app space

About Mobiloitte:

Mobiloitte is a Web and Mobile app company that takes care of Consumer as well as Enterprise Mobile Apps, Web and Cloud Computing needs of partners, and has clients across many business verticals worldwide. From over a decade the company has helped transform digital scene for clients by giving custom solutions that has helped companies digitalize business and improve their revenue from it.

Mobiloitte Announces Digital Solutions in IoT

Mobiloitte, a premier, full-service provider for Mobile and Web Application development always encourages enterprises and start-ups to embrace emerging technologies. As a part of this journey it has now added IoT (Internet-of-Things) in its portfolio. The company now intends to cater to a wide range of industry verticals covering Retails, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Home Automation, Utility, Agriculture, Logistics, Biotechnology & Education, and helping them to reap the benefits from IoT.

Today's world is a digital nervous system with sensors, connectivity, people and processes. The interactions between these entities are creating new types of smart applications and services.

New technological trends, larger mobile adoption, low cost devices & sensors are combining to push the IoT market to the tipping point that's currently driving the market. Businesses are rapidly transforming themselves by using IoT and bringing greater value to their entire value chain. IoT along with AI, Blockchain & Data Analytics even bringing bigger impact.

Mobiloitte has been taken this stride with expertise of Mr. Biswanath Saha who has decades of experience in IoT & M2M sector and in collaboration with Dr. Vikas Bishnoi, head of Biotechnology division. Using Internet of Things (IoT) bring your business systems together – from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams. IoT helps not only to lead life towards convenience and comfort but also in an insightful way.Some key IoT services and solutions Mobiloitte has been offering:

  • IoT Advisor/IoT Consultancy
  • Industry 4.0 adopting | Productivity improvement | Preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring & control | Real-time data acquisition
  • Energy optimization | Asset tracking | Fleet management
  • Precision farming | Home equipment control | Security & surveillance
  • Proximity marketing | Individual health monitoring
  • Device integration, IoT platform integration, Edge computation
  • Cognitive services | Consumer insights, Data analytics

Mobiloitte is working over a decade in Software development industry with special focus on Security, Scale and Performance across Digital, BOTS, APPS, AI and IoT landscape.

Mobiloitte's proven track record on early adoption of new technologies makes it apt for its clients to always stay ahead of the race. With subject matter experts and highly skilled professionals, we are assisting organizations to realize their business goals in IoT.

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Mobiloitte Announces Digital Solutions in Biotechnology Sectors

Mobiloitte, a premier, full-service provider for Mobile and Web Application development has now added Biotechnology and Bio-informatics as part of its ever-increasing services and software solutions' portfolio. As part of this service offering, company intends to cater to a wide range of sector covering agriculture, food & beverages industry, pharmaceuticals, academics & research laboratories.

Biotechnology which has immense impacts on living beings is now leveraging the benefit of IT to leapfrog into a new era. With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) which consists of mobile app, various communication technologies, low-cost sensors & devices, enterprises are adapting it very fast.

Mobiloitte has been taken this stride with expertise of Dr. Vikas Bishnoi who has doctorate in Biotechnology and decade of experience in academics and research in collaboration with Mr. Biswanath Saha, head of IoT services.

Some key digital solutions Mobiloitte has been offering:

  • Laboratory climate control.
  • Machine automation and control.
  • Instrument monitoring.
  • IFood quality measure through molecular sensors.
  • Precision farming
  • Data storage and data management
  • Research data analytics
  • Biostatistical research solutions.

Mobiloitte is working over a decade in Software development industry with special focus on Security, Scale and Performance across BOTS, APPS, Digital, AI and IoT landscape. Mobiloitte is apt at early adoption of new technologies for its' clients to always stay ahead of the curve.

Mobiloitte with its subject matter experts and highly skilled professionals are helping enterprises, start-ups and Government organizations to realize their goals in Biotechnology.

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