Native Application Development

Custom native app development mapping DNA of mobile devices!

Not just apps, we drive enticing iOS and Android experience with native development approach.

Push Notifications

We build native apps with customized push notifications irrespective of complexity dealt with certificates, keys and other development process.


Optimized for every mobile device we develop apps that deliver performance irrespective of loaded features by controlling device memory consumption.

Updates and Scalability

With native development approach we build apps that enable client to push future updates with latest OS features and scalable for user traffic.

Mobiloitte as a leading app development company build Android and iOS apps with native approach to deliver apps loaded with – custom features, hardware interaction, push notifications, performance, scalable, server optimized, future updates and lot more.

We build script-free, device-native apps that give full range of device capabilities and performance for faster and rich apps that our clients love. We design next level technology architecture and customizable native applications, keeping in mind client’s creative input and choice of specific services.

Native Apps Development

Leveraging Java and Objective C, we develop apps that easily interact with device hardware, take advantage of mobile OS, latest feature updates, deliver performance at server side, and lot more.

Our Native Service Offerings:

  • UI/UX carved for app monetization
  • Customized features
  • Smooth flow based on target audience’s preference
  • Trouble free approval and launch on iTunes/Google Play
  • Optimized for speed and performance across devices
  • Highly developed sense of creativity
  • Easy refresh of content and application

Our Core Native Development Technologies/Tools:

iOS: Objective-C, XML, Cocoa-Touch, Swift, Xcode, Libgdx, Jira, Mantis

Android: Java, XML, NDK, C++, OpenGL, Lib GDX, IDE, Eclipse, Android Studio, Jira

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