mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) – An enriched retail experience for merchant as well as customer

Mobile point-of-sale is transforming the retail industry with new technologies. For small merchants, the benefits of installing mPOS technology is low-cost card acceptance on smartphones and tablets along with access to other retail management tools. For large retailers, mPOS provides a way to improve customer service.
mPOS initially allowed businesses to roll out payment and other services using tablets or smartphones, accompanied by secure card reader devices.  But today’s mPOS offering delivers more than just an easy way to accept payments. Tablet based service allow demonstrations of products, provide information on offers, permit deliveries to be scheduled, and enable application forms to be filled in as well as accept payments.
mPOS services allow businesses to re-engineer their operating models and engaging with customers.
Mobiloitte provides robust, secure, EVM supported cloud based end-to-end solution to solve these business challenges:

  • Seamless mobile ordering and payment
  • Intuitive inventory and staff management
  • Insightful customer data and analytics
  • Powerful mobile marketing
  • Integration of payment devices e.g. PDQ, Bill printer, Beacons on Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-fi, Cellular network.

Our deliverables:


Merchant end Till App for:


  • Order booking
  • Order printing (in wired/wireless printers)
  • View revenue
  • Make refunds
  • Manage staff
  • Setup table plan & add order to table (e.g. in restaurant)
  • Invite customer through SMS
  • It also offers an incentive system to encourage staff members to get people on the app.
Merchant end back Office for:


  • User management from home page
  • Edit venue
  • Manage inventory
  • Add manager/staff
  • Setting up Beacons for promotions
  • Creating special offers & vouchers
  • View payments
  • Creating new categories
  • Add/view Tills
  • Setting up buying price
  • Analytic dashboard
Customer mobile App for:


Pre-order / Click and Collect / Delivery / Table Service
  • Customer can select venue, enter their table number (e.g. in restaurant).
  • Customers can order table service.
  • Customers can place orders and pay from their smartphones.
  • Staff will be alerted that an order has been placed and they are prompted to Acknowledge or Reject the order.
  • Customer can print bills at venue (in wired/wireless printers at venue) or go for Digital receipts
  • Customers can get promotional offer pushed through Beacons.
Loyalty Rewards

App users are rewarded for every penny they spend, every review they write, every deal they share and more. It’s a great way to make your customers feel valued.
Mobiloitte thus helping business to automate & simplify their operation and lead to profitability.

Let's create the next big thing to help you Monetize.