Map My Number

  • 27 February 2018
Project Description

MapMyNumber is an Address to Mobile number mapping app that enables users to Search, Share & Navigate addresses using only mobile numbers of their known and unknown contacts.

MapMyNumber App basically maps the home/work addresses of a person to their mobile number. Hence enabling the person’s address to be searchable just by their mobile number. The user could search address of their known & unknown contacts or share their addresses with anybody at a click. Users are also provided with an option to mark their address on the map, which allows hassle free navigation to that address.

The focus is majorly on benefiting the users to easily reach out to their contacts addresses.


  • SEARCH ADDRESS by mobile number
  • REQUEST ADDRESS from anyone using mobile number
  • SHARE ADDRESS with contacts using mobile number
  • NAVIGATE to an address


  • Invite friends/relatives to your place or reach out to their address
  • Hassle free goods delivery to your address
  • Reach any office or public place by its number
  • Faster food delivery from any restaurant
  • Convenient services at your place like diagnostic tests, cab etc
  • Navigate to any party or event location
  • Reach out to your customer/supplier or allow them visit you
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