Manuscript Formatting

For researchers, publication of their work in peer reviewed journal is a dream and, the search of concerned journal and preparation of manuscript of the research work according to the journal is a nightmare. Formatting of text, bibliography, photographs, a graphical representation of data variate from journal to journal. it not only consumes time but sometimes also need computer expertise. A biostatistical analysis is a crucial part of the research where most of the biotechnology personnel feels difficulty.


Mobiloitte provides a direct solution to researchers in the form of web application. There are thousands of types of formatting designs according to the journals. After submission of research data on the web portal, the researcher has to select the concerned journal format and the material is converted into the given format design. The special focus is on the bibliography settings i.e. focus on arrangement of bibliography, format of bibliography into given format and put the numbers or initials of the reference in the text as per choice. For statistical representation of data, the researcher needs to purchase costly software’s but, in our solution, you just have to enter your data and you will have the result as per the requirement.

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