Managed Sourcing

Offshore Outsourcing for Digital and IT Solutions

Leverage the advantage of offshore designing and development for you business.

Focus on what you are best at:

Keep only those processes in which you specialize. For everything else outsource it and improve your quality deliverance.

Reduced Costs:

Outsourcing business processes not only relieves you of incurring infrastructural investments, but also gets your work done at economical rates.

Operational Efficiency:

Span out your resources in the most optimum manner so that they can be utilized most efficiently.

To service large corporations and business conglomerates Mobiloitte offers the freedom of its Managed Sourcing Services. Under this business model you can bring us your complex requirements which we will solve through a blend of competency checks, technical skills and background enhancements. The projects are taken up on a tracker based model and the worker sitting in our premises is recorded for the time he/she donates to the project. On project completion payment is made on the basis of the time recorded for completing the project.

Mobiloitte has been consistently delivering to a global clientele under this business module. We complete our tasks within budget and on schedule. Service excellence comes as an added bonus due to the flexibilities inherent to this model.

Managed Sourcing

How we ensure service consistency:

  • Our operational engagements are strategically planned and executed based on your service requirements and we achieve this in the following ways:
  • To start with, we cover your project on­site to understand the project requirements. This service is not chargeable to your account.
  • A dedicated operations management team then assigns the staff that would particularly work on your project.
  • Our web-­based time management system then starts tracking and recording the hours and absences by the officials assigned to the project.
  • Regular feedbacks are taken from the client on all deviations and modified requirements if any.

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