Laboratory Instrument Automation Software Development

Instrument manufacturing process automation, networking through IoT and biosensors, Sales management and inventory control are the main areas where mobiloitte focuses to provide digital solutions to minimize the human efforts and boost productivity and sales.

Automation of system can help in production where management and analysis of sales data can help in design marketing strategy. It’s gradually difficult for instrument sales representatives to get meeting time with researchers or lab incharges physically. Salespeople need tools that can help them get the most of their limited meeting time and maximize the impact of their conversations with physicians.

Using IoT and Mobile app based solutions, industry can enhance production as well as can boost the efficiency and consistency of the team.

Concerned Industry
  • Glassware manufacturing industry.
  • Lab instrument manufacturing industry.
  • Cost of the instruments.
  • Complication in instrument usage.
  • Data recording and keeping.
  • Marketing and sell.
  • Quality management.
Mobiloitte solutions
  • Manufacturing automation.
  • App driven easy to use instruments.
  • App based data recording and storage .
  • Inventory management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Quality control.


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