Laboratory Automation

Life sciences laboratories, whether it belongs to academics, research & development, medical diagnosis or quality control, are full of instruments and monotonous tasks. To control and monitor these expensive instruments, numbers of manpower is required in the lab round the clock. It not only makes the process more costly and laborious but also make it tedious which directly affect the research and inventions progress.


Lab personnel aim to enhance their production processes, increase the quality, and gain more control. That’s why we offer Personalized Lab Automation for all Laboratories. With these digital solutions and smart connectivity through IoT, the researcher can control and operate laboratory instruments directly from the smartphone through a simple mobile application. There are number of time-bound processes and experiments in the lab and it is not possible for lab personnel to be there in the lab round the clock. Our digital solution give facility to control these processes from home or anywhere. Personalized lab automation and accessible digital and IoT solutions developed by us that simplify operations, reduce manual tasks and increase efficacy and quality. It makes research more productive and fruitful.

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