Labmonitor- Laboratory Instrument Monitoring

  • 07 May 2018
Project Description

Monitoring of well equipped, technology loaded expensive laboratories is a laborious and hectic task. To counter this hassle, Labmonitor is a multitasking, useful and technologically advanced concept that can monitor laboratory instruments without wasting time and labour with a simple mobile app. The data integration podium connected lab equipments, their related softwares and combined that information on the cloud.  Stored information examined digitally to give collective directions to lab devices. Researchers can then monitor, manage and program their experiments remotely. It facilitates you to control and monitor lab equipment’s from anywhere, anytime by your mobile phone without physical presence in the lab.

Key Features:
  • App based instrument power on/off mode.
  • Multiple user accounts with administrator permission.
  • Particular instrument’s working time period and other setup according to research with previous usage record.
  • Notification for any unwanted problem occurred with any instrument.
  • Graphical representation of instrument usage and fluctuation.
Technology involved
  • Native
  • Android
  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
Live Preview
  • Skills
  • Client


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