Internet of Things Smart Retail Solutions

In spite of booming e-Retail, 85% of the consumer buys from physical store & hope in future it will become a connected entity for easy access to buying information in their handheld. With IoT, we can reach them quickly and provide smooth in-store experience. With smart store, concept retailer is now having more capability to understand consumer behavior. Retail IoT opens the gate of Omnichannel Retail, that is, in-store retail, mobile retail, digital commerce, connected retail and more. The combination of data and analytics will bring about revolutionary changes in the industry in the near future.


  • Premium Customer Service Experience
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Increased loyalty, engagement, and awareness
  • No Queue with online billing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Internal POS Systems
  • Personalized Shopping
  • Business promotion – offers/deals


  • Proximity Marketing: Pushing promotional offer to the client in the proximity (iBeacon or Eddystone based). Helps in attracting customer & increase in sales.

  • Inventory management:  RFID or Beacon based inventory tracking can help to show real-time details of inventory.

  • Measure footfalls/mall traffic :  Measuring sensor-based footfall count and further sales conversion rate. Can be done daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Moving merchandise more efficiently :  Based on sensor-based footfall or heat-map analysis move merchandise. Make it more efficient.

  • Smart Shelves :  With ultrasonic based sensor monitor the real-time status of shelves & the available merchandise. Get notification through a web portal or mobile app & take action.

  • Availability of trail room:  With the use of PIR sensor monitor the usage of trial rooms and their occupancy rate.

  • Availability of sales person in cash counter:  Based on PIR sensor management can check real-time availability of the salesperson at the cash counter.

  • Availability of guards at entrance, exit:  Ensure guards are available at entrance or exit, through PIR sensor. Prevent shoplifting.

  • Availability of parking lot:  Using ultrasonic based sensor monitor the availability of parking lot.

  • Digital Marketing:  Use SEO or social media as marketing channel.

  • Wi-Fi counting of customer:  Using Wi-Fi-based solution & individual smartphone for identifying repeated customer, duration of their visit or outside customer.

  • mPOS:  Tablet-based order taking, notifying to kitchen and wireless bill generation for restaurants. Mobile app based meal ordering.

  • Smart lock:  Control the opening & closing of main entrance lock remotely through the smart lock. Keyless entrance.

  • Energy monitoring:  Monitoring of energy meters or DG fuel level remotely and ensure energy efficiency or stop diesel pilferage.

  • Customer analytics:  Daily/Weekly/Monthly visitor, sales conversion rate, zone analysis, marketing effectiveness, store opening & closing time.

  • Asset or employee tracking:  Using Beacon tag and gateway one can locate the costly assets or employee within the retail premise.

  • Omnichannel Retail:  Integrating online, offline sales records and further analytics.

  • Safety security:  Using motion sensor, any unwanted movement in the store can be tracked and notified.

  • Workforce management: Using simple app the daily roster of employees and conformance can be monitored. 

  • Preventive maintenance: Important appliances can be monitored through sensor and like failure can be predicted.

  • Smart Transportation: Use of GPS to track moving merchandise more efficiently.

  • Personalised greeting: Based on historical data, upon entrance customer can be greeted with personalised messages, offers.

  • Product details & reviews: Using Beacon technology high value items can show their manufacturing details in app and one can also see the reviews.

  • AR based costume trail: Augmented Reality (AR) can help customer to try out dresses without even actually wearing them.

  • 24×7 Support: App or web portal based complain can be made. Nature of complains can be analysed.

  • Self-checkout.

  • NFC based payment.

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