IoT Services

Mobiloitte helps enterprises & start-ups to embrace emerging technologies. As a part of this journey we have designed various services for Internet-Of-Thing (IoT). The idea is to reap the benefit for our client. Our service offer is based on – vertical expertise, IoT technical skill, compatibility with customer, innovation lab and end-to-end ecosystem support capability.

Advisory Services 
  • Understanding your As-IS system and defining the scope of IoT
  • Arrange ‘Innovation workshop’ with client
  • Prepare a Business Matrix after in-depth analysis of use cases
  • Bringing value in the business system
  • Improve productivity, reduce cost & redundancy. Justify ROI.
  • Analyse your business data and insights
  • Define KPIs and how to monitor these
  • Enhance your existing IoT solution 
  • Finalizing the To-Be system
  • Suggesting vendors for device, software or IoT Platforms
  • Define Go-To market strategy
  • Use of Innovative technologies covering hardware & software
  • Architecting the overall solution which is scalable & secured
  • Designing the service delivery
  • How the entire IoT ecosystem will seamlessly work with - Devices, Connectivity, People & Processes
  • Overall system UX
Implementation Services
  • Develop Prototype for ‘proof of value’ to business.
  • Could Integration 
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Ensure with Quality and best optimized performance
Deployment Services
  • Identifying the deployment scenario
  • Device installation
  • Confirmation of successful installation right from various sites
Operation & Maintenance Service
  • Maintain the entire fleet of IoT network deployed 
  • Device management and provisioning
  • 24x7 services
  • Monitoring SLAs


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