IoT The Future of Biotechnology

Monitoring and Controlling the Environment in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the field where living systems meet with technology to develop products and solution and to fulfill demands from food to health industry. Apps with advanced computing ability are capable to run multiple advanced application and have tremendous practices in Biotechnology. This causes a major attraction for scientists and industry personnel. Mobile phones along with various devices & sensors are commonly used for production management, climate control, molecular diagnosis, education, and data management into a portable, simple to use application.


  • Monitoring of Environmental Factors.
  • Large-scale industrial production.
  • Production Enhancement.
  • Crop improvement in Agriculture.
  • Nutrition Management in Agriculture and Hydroponics.
  • Monitoring of instruments.
  • To control climatic parameters.
  • Product quality management.
  • Data storage and security.
  • A control population of microbes in production.
  • Contamination of other microbes in manufacturing.
  • Discard management.
  • Development of new and effective products.
  • Publication of new findings and Patenting.
  • Pest and Disease Control.
  • Automation of tests in the diagnosis of biohazards.


  • App based controlled environment (Temperature, moisture, air quality, Photoperiod etc.) and contamination control.
  • Quality management by digitally controlled testing.
  • App-based machine automation and control.
  • App-based data storage and Data management and easy access to data internally.
  • Monitoring of nutrient as well as climatic factors by app driven instruments like pH meter, TDS control, and other app driven instruments.
  • Comparison and management of genes and their concerned primers, restriction enzymes, ligases etc.
  • Laboratory automation through control climatic conditions by mobile app.
  • App based instrument monitoring and manpower monitoring.
  • Research manuscripts fonts and format, and bibliography setting according to the Journal.
  • App based format and easy approachable research protocols.
  • Keeping and tracking of previous results and outcomes.
  • Management of laboratory equipments,glasswares ,chemicals and their requirements with reminder.
  • Publication of new findings and Patenting.
  • Automation of tests to prevent worker's contact with human hazards.
  • App based Data preparation and distribution.
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