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Digital Solution for Real Estate Industry

Inducing innovation for information driven real estate Traditionally, the value of real estate has been driven by location but the digital disruptions in the industry indicate that the future of real estate will be driven by information. The “Smart Homes” of near future will be equipped with 1 billion connected things by 2018. Internet of Things will help realtors in offering an unprecedented customer experience. 

Real Estate Trends

  • Information sources in property search
  • Mobile search
  • Social media engagement
  • IoT-enabled real estate
  • Video Marketing
  • Virtual tours
  • Criteria based property search
  • GPS-based property search
  • Location based property dealers
  • Map overlay of property area
  • Mortgage rates calculation

Mobiloitte harness the digital to yield unmatched solutions for the next era of real estate. At Mobiloitte we leverage concepts like Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication, etc. and advanced devices like iBeacons, RFID chips, sensors, etc. to design custom apps for real estate and infrastructure businesses.

Mobiloitte’ cutting-edge solutions for real estate sector
  • Property search solutions
  • Property listing
  • Building management systems
  • Analytics based property insights
  • Mobile location based property listings
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Maps integration
  • Automated sales agents
  • Video Marketing
  • Social media marketing
Enterprise level solutions
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Project management system
  • Resource management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lease management
  • Information management system
  • Facility management
  • Portfolio management

Mobiloitte gives you the advantage of taking the state of your business one step further into Enterprise Mobility. Manage, sync and process all your works, whether sales, marketing, sales force management and more, from whenever, or whenever you are. Increase your productivity across departments while enhancing the experience and involvement of your customer with your brand.

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