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Digital publishing and content distribution solutions

The digital publishing and content distribution networks have challenged the authority of the printed formats. Mobile optimized content is gaining traction with increase in number of handheld devices. The multimedia-rich digital content is providing more immersive experience to the readers than ever before.

  • Mobile publishing
  • Content monetization
  • Increasing readership
  • Engaging readers 
  • Social integration
News & Magazine Trends 
  • Mobile optimized content
  • App based publishing
  • Digital subscriptions 
  • Sponsored content

At Mobiloitte, we provide innovative digital solutions to facilitate content publishing and circulation.

Mobiloitte’s cutting-edge solutions for news & magazine industry
  • Mobile publishing platforms
  • Self-publishing platforms 
  • Content collaboration 
  • Integrating media channels 
  • Content editors 
  • Social integration 
  • Content distribution 
  • App based publishing 
  • Instant publishing 
Enterprise level solutions 
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Content management system
  • Content distribution system
  • Feedback management system
  • Mobile publishing system

Mobiloitte helps digital publication enhances their reachability and facilitates wider circulation of content on Mobile and Web platforms. Mobiloitte design apps that narrow-cast based on geography, demography, psychography and other custom requirements.

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