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The proliferation of information-based system has paved way for a data -driven environment in the medical industry. The digital records of individual’s health information can help in offering personalized care based on genetics.

The digital healthcare network comprises of telehealth, mHealth(mobile), electronic patient records, wearable, and social media. Predictive analytics will help in providing preventive healthcare facilities rather than curative healthcare.

  • Mobile based healthcare
  • Digital recordkeeping
  • Personalized care
  • Data analytics
  • Data security
Medical Trends
  • Wearable technology
  • Mobile based healthcare
  • Healthcare applications
  • Digital healthcare systems
  • Digital recordkeeping

At Mobiloitte, we provide innovative solutions that offer efficient medical services.

Mobiloitte’ cutting-edge solutions for medical industry
  • On demand consultation
  • Digital healthcare ecosystem
  • Doctor’s appointment booking
  • Medicine ordering
  • Medicine delivery
  • Pills reminder
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Healthcare information system
  • Mobile-wearable integration
Enterprise level solutions
  • Patient relationship management
  • Patient health record management system
  • Customer relationship management
  • Medical staff scheduling system
  • Medicine record keeping system
  • Doctor’s appointment booking system

Medical industry has been advancing rapidly with science. Digitization has further added convenience to the extent never before imaginable. Mobiloitte build web and mobile apps for finding the right doctors to researching on a medical condition, from finding the closest medical store to scheduling appointments, accessing reports from mobile phones and lot more.

Add convenience and innovation to your practice with Mobiloitte and deliver the highest quality in patient care.

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