Incuba (Incubation Chamber Climate Control

  • 07 May 2018
Project Description

Incuba is an innovative, advanced and logical concept that has been designed to monitor your tissue culture incubation chamber.  Incuba is developed to control the total climatic conditions requirements of temperature, humidity and photoperiod required for the better growth and proliferation of cultured material. It also helpful to prevent contamination as well as to eliminate medium dryness.

Key Features
  • All the parameters i.e. temperature, moisture percentage and photo period and intencity can be monitored and set for multiple batches at a time for a specific timeframe.
  • Fluctuation in temperature and humidity will be recorded and represented in graphical form for set period of time.
  • Individual instrument’s (i.e. air conditioner, fluorescent lights etc.) condition can be monitored and notified if there is something wrong.
  • Notification facility for subculturing and climatic condition fluctuation.
  • More than one users can use the app and control the condition with permission of administrator.
Technology involved
  • Native
  • iOS
  • iOS SDK
  • Apple xcode
  • Python
Live Preview
  • Skills
  • Client


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