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Golang is a statically-composed and compiled programming language created in 2007 at Google. It was launched in 2009 as an open source programming language and provides a rich standard library, garbage collection, and dynamic-typing capability. It is one of the most powerful, performant, and scalable programming languages for creating web applications, web API’s, and other distributed services.

Features of Golang

  • Excellent Community:It includes an excellent community for issue tracking and solution.
  • Static Typing:It is a statically typed language which means that all the variables have to define at compile time and help in avoiding the problems that one faces in dynamically typed languages.
  • Fast Compilations:It includes only that packages which will import directly in the code.
  • Testing Support:Golang brings Unit Testing and provides a simple mechanism to write your unit tests in parallel with your code.
  • Concurrency Support:It has a built-in feature of concurrency and with Go Routines and channels you can handle the concurrency very easily and effectively.
  • Garbage Collections:It is one of the key features in go and automatic garbage collection of Go is very fast.

Golang Development Services

Golang App Development

We utilize the power of Golang for both the web and mobile. Get faster and highly flexible apps using Golang for both your web and mobile presences.

Scalable App Development

Scalability is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. We deliver top-notch Golang applications with a futuristic approach.

Custom Golang Programming

Experience the benefits of bespoke software development services with Golang to drive business value.

Hire Golang Developers

Hire our skilled Golang developers to be the extended arm, who can work remotely but dedicatedly on your critical projects.

Why GoLang?

  • Cross-platform Support:It was created to be usable across multiple platforms and has built-in language features that enable easy cross-platform development.
  • Simple:It has clean syntax with minimalistic design and clear language specification.
  • Inbuilt Framework:The benefit is that it offers inbuilt testing and profiling tool to help you test the application easily and efficiently.

Why Mobiloitte for GoLang Development Services?

We utilize the power of GoLang for both web & mobile and provide custom Go development solutions for businesses worldwide. We offer end-to-end services for golang web development for building world-class enterprise apps. Hire Golang developers from Mobiloitte for a full-time and hourly basis for both onsite/offshore requirements.

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