Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard

  • 06 March 2018
Project Description

Assign gestures to any phrase to type more efficiently and save time! Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard is an innovative, custom keyboard app that provides a smarter way of inputting information into your mobile device.

Gesturely is the first app that is truly a gesture-only keyboard. If you find that you repeat yourself a lot, Gesturely will save you time on a daily basis. Typing long usernames or addresses is a thing of the past! Instead, you can swipe a shape via the gesture-based keyboard and your saved phrase will instantly be pasted in!


  • Create unlimited gestures.
  • Assign gestures to phrases.
  • Use any time you need your.
  • device’s keyboard.
  • Input information faster.
  • Use with or without an.
  • Internet connection.
  • Store information securely.

Create a custom gesture for anything, whether it be a whole paragraph, an emoticon, or your email address. Our nuanced gesture algorithm distinguishes each gesture down to the pixel. You can use gestures for anything that requires your mobile device’s keyboard, which includes surfing the web, adding events to your calendar, and texting your friends. Create an unlimited number of gestures, all of which will be stored in your personal Gesturely library!

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