GDPR Compliance Services for Web and Mobile Apps

GDPR Compliance Readiness Services for Mobile Apps, Websites, Web Apps, Admin Panels, IoT and BOTS.

GDPR Mobiloitte

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a new law, effective May 25, 2018, requires some significant changes in the way Mobile Apps, Websites operate currently. Core of the law requires ‘Forget Me’ for end users and this implies relevant user interface changes as well as data encryption in transit and archiving. Apps using AI or machine learning also need tweaks in the way data can be processed or presented for end users opting to ‘Restrict Processing My Data’.

Mobiloitte started GDPR assessment services very early to set up a special team to help our clients be GDPR complaint for their Mobile Apps, Websites, Admin Panels including the Analytics and reporting sections.This crack team offers an in-depth analysis and audit of the current UI/UX workflow, database management etc and provides accurate modification guidelines to developers for making the required changes in Front & Back-end UI/UX, APIs, Cookies and all other relevant sections.

GDPR Technology Security Compliance

Our team focuses on following sections to start with and extend it based on the complexity of software:-

  • RIGHT TO FORGET: Provisioning ’Forget Me’ options for end-users and integration tests to ascertain the data models around it to erase all user data completely.
  • AUTHENTICATING and Working with 3rd Party APIs to erase the user data at their level all the way.
  • EXPORT MY DATA: for end-users to enable them to export their data at will.
  • SEE MY DATA: Make changes in databases, front-end screens for users to be able to see their data in a tangible manner.
  • 16 YEARS AGE CHECK related GUI and systems implementations.
  • DATA: Encryption in transit, at rest, backups alongside restricting the timelines of data archiving and protecting the data integrity.
  • GDPR Register and Personal Data Logs .

Mobiloitte teams also work closely with DPO (Data Protection Officer) and Legal arms of the businesses to help formulate consent forms in accordance with latest GDPR guidelines.

Mobiloitte: GDPR Compliance Consultant and Implementation

Key Service Areas:
  • Consultation: GDPR Compliance Audit at GUI and Code Level
  • Implementation: GDPR Compliance Readiness by implementing the relevant changes in your software.
  • Maintenance: GDPR compliance continuity as your technical arm to work with legal teams.
We look forward to help your businesses’ uninterrupted service to EU nationals!


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