GATE to the SAT / ACT

  • 06 March 2018
Project Description

Ready to ditch the boring, heavy test prep guides and expensive in-person consultations? With the GATE app you can stop driving all over town wondering where to turn for help. Get ready for the SAT or ACT exam in the best way for you, with personalized feedback + on-the-go prep anytime.

  • Rock your test prep with this fun 40-question mobile app, brought to you with love from the brainiac college admissions team at GATE.
  • This free app helps you decide which test to target, and boosts scores without stressing you out!
  • GATE specially designed this app to guide you: get awesome answer explanations, a built-in calculator, and a timer that corresponds to the actual exams.

GATE wants you to succeed. Download your app here Now!

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