Fermentation Monitoring and Control Bioprocesses Application Development

Information technology has a diversity of solutions in the fermentation industry ranging from data classification and on-line analysis to process design, control, and optimization. With the arrival of inexpensive and reliable smartphones applications, biosensors based IoT solutions, it has become economical to utilize a fermentation system online.

With this ability, it has been possible to control primary fermentation parameters, such as temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen on predetermined set point and record fluctuation in the parameters. With the help of digitally controlled flow cytometry, it has been also possible to control the population of the desired organism in the culture. Maintenance of nutrient and raw cultures is easy in the process by the app-based biosensors-controlled system.

It has also been conceivable to operate the information produced online to understand the process and to elaborate the process kinetics. Once examination of the process kinetic model and real-time data, the advanced computing system can modify the system to the final stage of automatic process control.


  • Food and beverages bioreactors.
  • Biopharma fermentation.


  • Desired Microorganism’s population count.
  • Contamination prevention and control.
  • Product quantity and quality.
  • Quality of the raw material.
  • Discard management.


  • App based controlled climatic parameters.
  • Quality measurement.
  • Process automation and control.
  • Raw material quality.
  • Data management.
  • Camera-based inspection. 
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