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Biotechnology is playing an progressively significant role in numerous aspects of daily life. Once it was an luxurious and mostly unfamiliar choice, but now becomes a faithful substitute to many well-known tactics for pollution control, bioremediation, waste management and degradation.

After introduction of Smartphone technology and IoT in Environment Biotechnology, it becomes quite approachable to control and manage these lengthy, laborious, expensive and difficult tasks. Selection of microorganism play very enormous role in waste degradation. Sometimes genetically engineered organisms are used. Digitally adavanced feature loaded microscopes and other lab instruments this task approachable and easy.

  • Biodegradation of Hazardous Contaminants.
  • Organic waste management.
  • Environmental factor monitoring.
  • Reduction of pollutants.
Mobiloitte solutions
  • Control and management of degradation process.
  • Organic waste management automation.
  • Air pollution monitoring through app connected biosensors.
  • Digital control pollution control through Genetically modified organisms. 

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