Drupal Data & Security

Removing Vulnerabilities and adding Security in Drupal Solutions

Keeping business data safety on priority we build Drupal solutions with multi-layer data access and security.

User Management

We build Drupal solution with controlled user role and data access management giving data access to respective users only.


We design robust architecture of client’s Drupal solutions that are secure, immune to vulnerabilities, and hard to breach.

SSL Security

For portals that involve online transactions we integrate secure SSL certificate, making sure transactions are encrypted for security.

Mobiloitte is an industry leader in providing Drupal services. We provide design, development and web services on Drupal from its inception. Leveraging power of open source CMS, we emphasize on providing solutions that are secure in terms of client’s business data.

Our team makes use of latest features of Drupal framework to build solutions that are secure and deliver performance.

Either it is a new project or an existing one, we offer services to fix the code and make data secure during internal search and user accounts etc.

Mobiloitte Advantages:

  • Regular workshops and briefing on Drupal security
  • Adding complexity incrementally
  • Scale vertically first
  • Product focused on users not system administrators
  • Clean and optimized code

Our Security Practices:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross site scripting
  • (XSS) authentications and sessions
  • Insecure direct object references
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Security misconfiguration
  • Insecure cryptographic storage
  • Failure to restrict URL access
  • Insufficient transport protection
  • Invalidated redirects
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