Mobile Application - Smart Automation Solution for Dairy Industry

Digital and IoT solutions application will optimize solution in dairy industry because solutions enhanced their production in the dipping costs. Computer application/ automation will improve working environment considering the number of monotonous, repetitive tasks to be eliminated or minimize, increasing efficiency in production.

Digital application provided by us in the dairy technology today, makes it possible to manage a dairy industry on a more detailed level than before. The dairy manager can control whole procedure by his mobile phone, can take care of quality and adulteration in the product, can collect data and analyse it for further modification in business strategy, can manage supply chain.

Concerned Industry
  • Milk pasturization.
  • preservation and distribution industry.
  • Dairy farms.
  • Product quality management.
  • Adulteration testing.
  • Removal of adulteration.
  • Lengthy pasteurization process.
  • Large scale production.
Mobiloitte solutions
  • Automation of testing.
  • Easy to use app-controlled adulteration test kits.
  • Automation of boiling and cooling apparatuses.
  • Production control and management through app-based system.

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