Cloud Migration Solutions

Cloud Migration is a process where an organization’s digital assets, resources and services or applications are deployed into the cloud, where the migrated assets cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall.

Smart user-friendly applications, time-saving features, ease of access, enhanced security and qualitative outputs propel the success of cloud computing and encourage non-cloud users to make this business-changing leap. Moreover, the reduction in implementation and licensing costs are opening avenues for business owners to invest in the Cloud.

Cloud Migration Process

  • Internal Network Assessment
  • Business Operations Assessment
  • Cloud Framework Creation
  • Application Installation
  • Data Compatible Cloud Testing
  • Cloud Adaptability Training Sessions
  • Cloud Environment Functionality Test
  • Cloud-based Exchange Platform Setup
  • Cloud-based Data Migration and Storage
  • Live Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing Migration

  • Accelerated Deployment
  • Simplified Infrastructure
  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Improvised Security
  • Zeroing-down Data Centres
  • Investment-Winning Services
  • Enhanced Key Metrics Logging

Why Choose Us?

We at mobiloitte work with you to determine which approach works best for your organization – public, private or hybrid. As a part of our cloud migration consulting services, we take a customer-centric approach, pre-set templates and data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place in a smooth, effective and systematic way without any negative business impact.

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