About the Client:

SVForum is leading Silicon Valley not-for-profit organization providing an unbiased source of information and insight to technology community for over 25 years.

It provides a venue for engineers, executives, researchers, technology leaders, and venture capitalists to exchange information on emerging technologies and best practices.

SVForum is now a huge community of software professionals annually through more than 20 events conducted each month.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

SVForum brought in following challenges on the table for Mobiloitte:

  • Recreation of existing website which was made in a proprietary CMS that had a lot of limitations from technology, users and admin point of view
  • Enhancement of business processes and logic, while retaining all existing website functionality
  • All existing URL to be optimized for SEO in old website needed to be redirected to relevant new URLs to ensure zero loss of, web traffic
Why Mobiloitte

SVForum, $250 million venture capital raiser, entrusted Mobiloitte to redefine and improve their online web platform, matching most recent web development standards. The reason for Mobiloitte to be the development partner of SVForum was past experience and expertise in latest industry trends.

Their vision was to invoke leadership and entrepreneurship through digitization and the power of social communities for thousands of upcoming entrepreneurs, and we have delivered it many times.


SVForum, Silicon Valley’s prominent non-profit knowledge dissemination web platform now improved, refreshed and more vivid than ever.

Mobiloitte’s business analysts proposed and later implemented improvements in following functional area of the web platform:

  • Responsive design
  • Social Media login – Facebook & Twitter
  • Mail Chimp Newsletters and signup forms
  • Slideshow banner
  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Custom Admin Panel for site admin
  • Breadcrumbs, Google analytics
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited SVForum  in following manner:

  • Greater user engagement
  • Website accessibility from laptop as well as mobile devices
  • More traffic from search engine
  • Easy to handle admin panel for website updates

Technologies we implemented to build SVForum’s new community enabled website:

  • Core Drupal 7.x (PHP 5.3 and MySQL)
  • Mail Chimp Integration
  • UberCart Integration Results
  • Active profiles created for users with accounts older than 10 years

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