About the Client:

SmileintheCity is New York based chain of dental service running on the principle of transparency and pride in making people smile. They have unshakable faith in the right of every consumer to be educated.

SmileintheCity may easily be one of the most beautiful examples of impeccable platform that sells consumer service combined with sense of community and belonging.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

SmileintheCity needed a complex web platform that will tap every aspect of their vision to permanently educate their clients around the healthcare industry without losing the practical aspects and the simplicity of having a website that will serve as a gateway and communication channel for various purposes 24/7.

The challenges brought on the table included:

  • Update all modules to Drupal 7 and adding new ones for Web 3.0 appearance of the website
  • Adding a blogging sub-platform on main website with its appropriate module
Why Mobiloitte

Our prior works around design and developing community website and forums-, helped SmileintheCity choose us as their development partner.

Building community of loyal clients while providing 24/7 availability of dental services? Yes, Drupal 7 can and Mobiloitte did it!

Mobiloitte helped SmileintheCity turn their client into a family while providing nonstop online based dental services in US.


Our team worked on the existing modules and proposed and later implemented following improvements:

  • 63 existing modules upgraded to Drupal 7
  • 3 modules added for Web 3.0 appearance of website
  • Front-end design – Drupal 7 technology was used to accomplish this project successfully
Product Benefits

The end product benefited our client in following manner:

  • Simple and beautiful Drupal 7 website as face of the community
  • Social engagement and exposure with social modules integration
  • Multistep web forms for different enquiries
  • Grouped blog content for easy browsing in archives and categories
  • Handwritten testimonials for user trust
  • Image and video libraries

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