About the Client:

SanDisk Corporation is globally recognized leader of flash memory and digital storage solutions. A Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, SanDisk builds flash memory cards for every possible electronic device from mobile phones to digital cameras/camcorders as well as AV players. SanDisk products are consumed all around the world.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

SanDisk with involvement in product manufacturing and retail distribution across the globe, needed an enterprise mobility solution, the challenges brought on table included:

  • Establishing constant connectivity between sales department and higher management
  • Improve internal management and coordination between different departments
  • Fasten decision-making process
  • Accelerate employee productivity
Why Mobiloitte

With Mobiloitte’s experience in enterprise solutions and automating processes such as sales life cycle, inventory management, leave requests in addition to several other productivity enhancing solutions, SanDisk found us the perfect development partner for the mobile solution.

Mobiloitte gave a clear roadmap of how we will make SanDisk’s internal management more efficient and shoot-up employee productivity.


To address SanDisk’s concern, Mobiloitte created an assortment of apps for envisaged improvements:

  • My Cart: My Cart allows management of sales and purchase invoice via its “Approval, Rejection and Hold” functionality. It also includes features such as Approval History as well as ability to give and exchange comments whenever rejection or hold up of any invoice is performed.
  • PO: This app is meant for making the purchase order management a breeze.
  • My HR: All the information available on the corporate website can be accessed via this app. It acts as a people’s directory for the company management. Information of company employees such as contact info, reporting manager can be found along with the ability to email and call the concerned employee.
  • My SAP: This app represents a Universal Inbox which handles the request coming from different apps and acts as a centralized server.
Product Benefits

Mobiloitte developed, deployed, tested the apps and provided for seamless integration with the enterprise suite.
Mobiloitte utilized its mobile deployment program to come up with innovative and cutting edge app for SanDisk that benefitted them in following ways:

  • Efficient ways of conducting business
  • Speedy, data-driven decision-making
  • Better coordination and connectivity among management and employees
  • More mobilized internal management
  • Elevated employee productivity

MySAP app is used by to approve purchase orders and shopping carts. Over 50 decisions are made per week just a handful of users in the procurement team who have expressed their appreciation for this app that improves productivity with an enhanced user experience.

I have been working with Mobiloitte for about 4 months toward developing the mySAP mobile app. The quality of work and turnaround time has been fantastic. I am impressed with the Mobiloitte development team that was involved with creating mySAP and would recommend them to others. Mobiloitte demonstrated a high-level of commitment to ensure that all deliverables were met and continued to support post-deployment to resolve issues.

Senior Technical Analyst, SanDisk Inc.

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