About the Client

Planter app enables government authorities and executives to use the power of mobile technologies in tracking their forestry efforts across hot spot locations with exact location accuracy. Planter app takes a photograph of the scene, saves the exact latitude and longitude via GPS and stores the data in database. Further the app features alerts support in case any activity or control check needs to be made with identification of the exact spot.

Planter App is primarily for use in remote areas with extremely limited accesses to internet. Its goal is to help collect images of tree with their locations, while providing a tool for planters to track trees and return to the same trees at a later date.

Case Study

Business Challenges

Our client brought in following set of challenge

  • Multiple mobile platform support
  • GPS accuracy (A precision within 1 meter)
  • Work with limited data connectivity and offline
  • Sync offline data with server when in connectivity
Why Mobiloitte

With experience working on apps that make use of geo-location, we got a clear understanding of client requirement and showcases the roadmap of how we will bring the concept to mobile device with accuracy.

Mobiloitte possess expertise in Geo location based services, saves the location based latitude and longitude via GPS and storage in the database.

Notifications support in case any alert message need to be made on exact spot.


Our business analysts post understanding the concept proposed and implemented improvements in following areas.

  • Storing exact location of user
  • Gallery
  • Google Map
  • Timer
  • Background Sync
  • Image taken with coordinates of the location synchronizes them and if necessary sends reminder for performing extra activities on that particular location
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited our client in following manner:

  • Accurate mapping of plants and trees planted
  • Documentation of plant growth with time through images

The technologies used to accomplish this project are mentioned below:

  • SQLite database
  • GPS
  • Google Map API version 2
  • Alert services
  • Bulk image uploader
  • Web services

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