About the Client:

IEC Mock Test is official application for IEC. The application is a top-notch E-learning, attendance management and news delivery online solution under one hood.

The application scales growing number of students and departments and is compatible with all major smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS.

The app is first of its type online education platform where every existing or prospective student gets equal right to education from any place.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

IEC partnered with Mobiloitte for overcoming the following challenges for mock test app development project:

  • Active sync between university admins, students and parent
  • Quiz based mock test for preparation
Why Mobiloitte

With an established experience in serving education vertical Mobiloitte’s best solution offering included:

  • Information gateway for students to perform basic tasks, access information about IEC
  • E-learning platform where students can prepare for taking competitive exams and attend lectures from prominent professors and leading industry experts
  • Establish information gateway between students, parents and university staff
  • Students to get real time update of university news
  • Parents receive memos and communication regarding university policies and management
  • Enabling University staff to broadcast relevant updates to students and parents in matter of seconds

IEC Mock Test App took IEC one step further by easing prospective students’ decision for enrolling and serving as information system for existing students for delivering important updates.

Some of the areas where Mobiloitte project architects proposed improvement include:

  • Basic information placement
  • User management
  • Push notifications for students and parents
  • Online mockup tests for various entry exams
  • Lectures prepared by expert professors
  • Lessons prepared by expert professor
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited IEC and students in following manner:

  • Student management
  • Attendance management
  • Complete JEE/CAT/MAT/XAT/NATA/CPMT/UPSEE syllabus covering all sections
  • Enabled University staff to broadcast relevant updates
  • Trust and connectivity with students and parents

The technologies used to accomplish this project are:

  • Approach: Titanium Cross-Platform
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Devices: Tablet & smartphone

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