About the Client

Equinix is a global platform that enables better communication between partners and customers via its business ecosystems, cloud services and high performance data centers.

Operating from over 100 locations, Equinix provides International Business Exchange (IBX®) Data Centers, Internet Content and Infrastructure to over 6250 enterprises and 680 network service providers for managing and safeguarding their digital assets since 1998.

Case Study


Equinix aimed at increasing accessibility and coordination among its customers and management. Being a global organization operating from several locations, Equinix needed a solution that offered:

  • Rapid coordination between employees and management
  • Quick communication between internal management
  • 24/7 responsive customer support
  • Faster customer grievance redressal
  • Reliable customer care and service positioning interface
  • Ease of accessibility and management to users for their accounts
Why Mobiloitte

With experience working with large enterprises Mobiloitte presented how mobility solution developed by us will help align and manage their services.

Mobiloitte used its expertise and the Mobile Capability Catalysts to bring together an assortment of enterprise mobility solutions catering to Equinix’s objectives.

We increased Equinix’s accessibility and mobility!

  • Equinix’s Customer Portal (ECP): ECP provides consumers with site info, smart hand management as well as shipment information along with comprehensive details of their orders via Show My Order. ECP allows the consumer to post as well as retrieve their order and check status of their previous order without using the website to access their accounts.
  • Market Place: Meant as an advertising and promotional platform, Market Place gives access to all information about Equinix’s data centers and IBX Centers on iPhone and Android-based devices.
  • People Finder: Supported on iPhone & Android, any company employee can be searched by name via People Finder. Access to company employees’ contact details, designation, reporting manager as well as who reports to whom, is provided. Users can call and/or mail via the app itself and can also add the employee to his direct contact list.
Product Benefits

Mobiloitte customized the enterprise apps as per the specific company infrastructure, making it scalable, as per client’s dynamic requirements.

With secure installation and integration of the apps in enterprise suite, Mobiloitte ensured:

  • Efficient ways of conducting business
  • Speedy decision-making
  • Better coordination and connectivity among management and employees
  • More mobilized internal management
  • Elevated employee productivity
  • Increased ROI
  • Improved customer service and support

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