About the Client:

EPPP TestMaster is official application of USA and Canadian Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology. The app from Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards empowers psychology professional and practitioners to prepare for EPPP test.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

Following challenges were brought on-the-desk by EPPP to Mobiloitte:

  • Format and content changes of latest EPPP exams.
  • Provide user the option to track and compare his exam progress.
  • Prepare students for exams based on approaching test taking dates.
  • Optimization of the SQLite query.
Why Mobiloitte

Leveraging its past with experience with educational organizations Mobiloitte proposed enhancements in the app with realistic and up-to-date exam experience to EPPP.


The enhancements proposed included:

  • Offline viewable EPPP mock exam questions.
  • Utilizing all 4 mock exams within the app.
  • Interactive and friendly UI design.
  • Beautiful animation to navigate questions screen.
  • Facebook LinkedIn & Twitter integration.
  • SMS Integration.
  • Email sharing integration.
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited EPPP in following ways:

  • Higher student participation in mock tests.
  • Easily accessible test preparation platform for students.
  • Higher student pass-out rate.

Technologies used to accomplish objectives of the app are:

  • Database: SQLite.
  • Compatibility: iOS 5.1 and above
  • Complete mock version of the EPPP test
  • 250 questions and all 4 EPPP exams included

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