About the Client:

Educations Tiger is educational platform powered by University of California, Santa Cruz for providing high quality education and professional development courses for working professionals in Silicon Valley.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

Education Tiger brought in following challenges to be addressed for Mobiloitte:

  • Migration from Drupal 6 based site to Drupal 7, with all existing content, users and their profile data.
  • No custom module to be added.
  • Switch new site to existing production server from stage server in no time, so any user working on existing site should not see downtime.
  • Optimize images and CSS for minimum load time – using sprite image and CSS for all buttons on the site to load once.
Why Mobiloitte

In order to convey clear value proposition for knowledge thirsty professionals, and with paucity of time, UCSC asked Mobiloitte to craft and deploy improved interactive web platform because of past experience serving education vertical.


For power and performance we proposed Drupal 7 powered website enriched with plethora of engaging tools. This was to keep UCSC leads on track inside the pipeline and happy with their present user experience. Some other improvements suggested by Mobiloitte were:

  • Drupal 7 for delivery of complex and sophisticated website with graphical design and Search Engine Optimization included.
  • Rich functionalities around event and user profiles management.
  • The site’s SEO strategy equally targeted domestic and International markets targeting South Asia and Australia.
  • Mail Chimp, Newsletters and signup forms.
  • Slide-show banner.
  • Automatic site map generation.
  • Breadcrumbs for navigation
  • Google analytics for website traffic tracking.
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited Education Tiger community in following ways:

  • Present courses in more informative manner.
  • Increased traffic on the website.
  • Greater conversion rate of user who visited website.

Technologies we implemented to build UCSC’s new powerful website:

  • Core Drupal 7.x (PHP 5.3 and MySQL)
  • Mail Chimp Integration
  • Drupal Contributed modules
  • Omega Theme
Wanted to let you know that you and your team have done a fabulous job with EducationTiger.com website. I am impressed with the speed and accuracy of this project – from design to Drupal development to data entry to QA – every aspect has been a pleasant experience. I have also been very happy with the way the feedback is being taken into account as we are getting closer to complete the phase 1 of this project. And thanks to your leadership skills, the project has been a success so far!

As we enter into the phase 2 and then future phases of this project, I look forward to working with you and your team for the longer term


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