About the Client:

DoctorPal is a secure patient billing HIPPA compliant and AES encrypted OCR Mobile application that removes all the problems with traditional healthcare systems forever. The application empowers mHealth organizations automate billing process utilizing OCR functionality, helping in saving time of patients as well as organization employees.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

DoctorPal brought in following challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • AES encryption/decryption for credit card information.
  • Complicated UI designs as per requirement.
  • Large information handling (approx. 70000) with search technique.
  • Multiple photos uploading on DoctorPal server.
Why Mobiloitte

As comprehensive Enterprise Mobility provider clients, Mobiloitte has delivered mobile based mHealth and patient billing solution. With hands-on experience in mHealth industry Mobiloitte was able to provide the contours of the proposed mobile billing app for current market that functions across hospital systems, convincingly demonstrating – how we will utilize the data of over 99% physicians and their extenders collected fact-sheets into the application.


Along with fully functional end-to-end website with concept, design, theming, branding and SEO we suggested following improvements to the application.

  • Multiple screen support UI.
  • Dynamic view creation with it customization.
  • Adding, editing and accessing patient information.
  • Photo view in enlarge size with zoom in zoom out functionality.
  • Facebook, notepad API integration.
  • Pull to refresh, email, swipe view functionality.
  • Twitter integration.
Product Benefits

The end-product benefited DoctorPal in following ways:

  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Speedy documentation and processing
  • Reliable data and reports
  • Easier billing and safer transactions
  • Data access from Web and Mobile devices

The technologies used to accomplish this project included all the below mentioned:

  • Front-end design: XML interface.
  • Database: Sqlite3, Shared preference.
  • Backend and coding: Java.
  • Web Technologies: Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Html

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