About the Client:

DMM- Distant Medical Monitoring is an e-health platform that supports biometric data and files electronic medical records for respective data.

DMM provides encrypted data transmission for maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the patients.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

While continuing with its healthcare services via web, DMM brought in following challenges to Mobiloitte:

  • A way to connect healthcare officials with patients for speedy medical care delivery.
  • Allow daily monitoring of patients from anywhere at anytime.
  • Provide secure communication and transfer of patient data.
  • Make acquisition and exchange of patient data easier and more secure.
Why Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte has hands-on experience helping medical and healthcare organizations automating and digitizing processes.

We demonstrated as to how we will bring healthcare on users’ fingertips, thereby making healthcare more mobile, more efficient; enabling DMM’s e-health platform to be more accessible.


Mobiloitte added its experience in the applications in terms of design and features understanding the target user, shaping up an iPad app that upheld exact ease of use which its e-version provided with features like:

  • To choose what kind of report they need
  • To check and update patient schedule on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • To sort out report results on urgency basis
  • To search report results by patient name
  • To view report results old and past
  • To contact directly with doctor or other concerned medical officials

Mobiloitte also tweaked content and graphics of DMM’s web interface to best-fit the needs of iPad app development.

Product Benefits

Mobiloitte customized the app as per the client requirement and ensured that it was scalable and secure in keeping with the dynamic requirements. With the app development, Mobiloitte also provided pre and post launch support.

The end-product benefited DMM in following ways:

  • Ease in delivering medical care as and when required
  • Increased patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Increased productivity of healthcare officials
  • Improved patient comfort & convenience

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