About the Client:

Co-Founders dating is a Social networking app with a difference. The app gears toward entrepreneurs, to connect their prospective Co-Founders within or outside vicinity, with aim to create startups together.

Case Study

Business Challenges

Our clients brought in following challenges that needed attention:

  • Developing the chat functionality as per strict iOS standards
  • Implement the Best Match for The Day algorithm and ensuring that every user receives the notification exactly at 12:00 irrespective of her/his time zone.
Why Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte had the clear cut understanding of the requirement. We presented the roadmap of how entrepreneur looking for a software developer that wish to co-found upcoming company will find Co-founder dating app as the best platform.

We helped identify several ways of engagements with potential matches including invitation for live meeting based on the location of both parties and chat options which is integrated inside the app.

By default Co-founder dating delivers notification for potential matches every day at 12:00 noon unless user specify differently.


Our team of Drupal experts after successfully integrating the admin part with user part of the platform produced seamlessly functional and aesthetically designed SaaS solution with easy-to-use features, and added following to the application:

  • Quick creating events dashboard
  • Best Match for the Day
  • GPS based matching recommendations
  • Maps and directions
  • Social Login
Product Benefits

The end product enabled users to find potential matches for business related activities, not only based on their current geographical location but everyplace else in the world.

The technologies used to accomplish this project are:

  • Objective C
  • Drupal
  • Service module to call content, file types, blog posts etc.
  • JSON

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