About the Client:

CiviData provides business intelligence by collecting, maintaining and organizing information from public sector to offer easy to use analytical and reporting tools to inform and support decisions of public sector agencies, publicly regulated utilities and other organizations that provide local public services.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

CiviData automates data collection and the provision of local public sector benchmarking and performance measure information. Information is being hierarchically grouped according to schedules services and rates, classified by consumer types and various demographic criteria.

Mobiloitte’s task was to turn this service into a fully functional SaaS based platform and to achieve seamless integration between the user and the administrator part of the platform.

  • Integrate Backbone JS framework with Rails backend for seamless functioning and beautiful appearance of the Cloud based application
  • Update the rate of each schedule without refreshing the page
Why Mobiloitte

CiviData conquered the state of Oregon with Mobiloitte’s state of the art Cloud powered private data collecting SaaS platform.

Mobiloitte’s team with hands on expertise in Ruby on Rails, focuses on the business need of the application, and added few more modules that enriched the application based on the knowledge of market and experience.


Our expert team worked on the different modules and presented the following modifications:

  • 63 existing modules upgraded to Drupal 7
  • 3 more added for Web 3.0 appearance of the website

The technologies used to accomplish this project are mentioned below:

  • Front-end design – Backbone JS
  • Backend design – Ruby On Rails
Product Benefits

Our team of Ruby On Rails experts after successfully integrating the admin part with the user part of the platform have produced seamlessly working and beautiful SaaS solution. The end-product benefited client in following ways:

  • Dynamic comparisons of search results
  • Comparison to selected utilities
  • Filtering of search results
  • Real time results from searching
  • Save searches
  • Extra reporting capabilities based on the subscription model
  • Dashboard results
  • Additional features depending on the subscription model

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