About the Client:

Carmatic is a social media application dedicated exclusively for those addicted to cars, rather those who breathe cars.

Upload and browse through not only thousands of photos but videos with users everywhere. The app is focused on nothing, but motorists from all over the world, from exotic and street to race cars.

Case Study

Business Challenges

The initial challenges recognized our client brought in were:

  • Upload videos captured by Carmatic user to a secure Carmatic server
  • Make a video taken with an iOS device compatible for viewers of other mobile platforms
  • Integrate online chat feature for users to interact among themselves
Why Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte’s experience and prior expertise in the development of the similar apps helped Carmatic to accomplish its objective easily. We enabled Carmatic in developing a complete platform for the car enthusiast globally who can get connected with each other and share their experiences through this social media apps.


Mobiloitte suggested some good improvements in the app concept, the list goes as follows:

  • Privately message users
  • Like/Dislike photos and videos
  • Comment photos and videos
  • Take live photos and videos up to 1 min long
  • Edit photos and videos before upload
  • Save favorite videos and photos directly to your phone
  • Attract a fanbase of your cars
  • Stay up to date with all your friends activities and news
  • Hashtags
  • Filters
  • Share photo via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email
  • Swipe view functionality
Product Benefits

Powered by the AV Foundation framework, Carmatic videos quickly become viewable for all mobile platforms and viral across the network armored with even more engaging features.

We implemented following technologies to make Carmatic a successful project:

  • Front-end design – Objective C, Xcode Cocoa API
  • Backend design – PHP Compatibility
  • Android 2.3.3 and above
  • iOS 3 and 4, optimized for Android 5

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