About the Client:

Captain Clock – The app takes productivity measurement and bench-marking of your team on a revolutionary new level.

It is designed to align the productivity and time investment of your team with the monetary investment you pay for their services.

The app offers a gateway between your employees/freelancers and the project you want to bring to maximum efficiency enabling you to estimate the exact time your freelancer spends working on your project and pay for his services accordingly.

Case Study

Business Challenges:

Our client brought in following challenges in the application:

  • Keep the timer active even if the mobile device gets switched off
  • Generate the time-sheet schedule when the application is being used in off-line mode
  • Synchronize the data between the local user and the server
  • Security and automatic logout /login
Why Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte’s expertise in cross platform abilities combined with the simplicity of PHP technology made Captain Clock most wanted tool for measuring the team’s exact performance on the move.

Some of the technologies integrated inside this mobile application are:

  • Frontend – Titanium, which gives you chance to use Captain Clock on every mobile and web platform with integrated synchronization between each one of them
  • Backend – Drupal and core PHP

Mobiloitte offered a set of unique feature for tracking the performance of your project on the move including enhancing the concept:

  • Set up in minutes—no learning curve, no training
  • Clock in and out with the click of a button
  • Track location of clock-ins and clock-outs
  • Access timesheets from anywhere—home, office, on the road
  • Set up and manage employee schedules effortlessly
  • Send messages to employee/employer
  • Make notes on hours & assign projects to hours worked
Product Benefits

The end-product helped our client in multiple ways:

  • Employee management from everywhere
  • No more overestimated and overpaid projects
  • Payroll time reduction – 80%
  • One button clock in and clock out

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