About the Client

CandiJar is a customer engagement and tracking platform where customers can open campaign content in a personalized account using QR code and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags or stickers, bookmark and access all bookmarks on the Cloud.

Case Study

Business Challenges

Some of the capabilities our client was struggling to implement include:

  • Showing pins on map through JSON file.
  • Open pop over on clicking the right Button of map annotation.
  • Showing dynamic rating star from JSON file.
Why Mobiloitte

Inspired by the enormous success of QR Technology in deploying super creative guerrilla marketing campaigns and gamified brand experience, CandiJar entrusted Mobiloitte to repeat the success story which many have already witnessed.


Mobiloitte ensured pleasant first touch and brand experience for our client by combining state of the art Cross Platform technologies with leading database and backend solution including:

  • Front end design: Titanium
  • Database: SQLite Database
  • Back-end: Php web services
Product Benefits

With CandiJar, our client was able to pack an entire product offering behind a QR code, which once being read offers multiple options for extended brand engaging experience such as bookmarks, favorites, voting etc. Now the product empowers:

  • Saving articles and news from PC in the morning and read them on mobile during lunch
  • Saving their favorite recipes and retrieve them from tablet when preparing meals
  • Creating folders to save web sites of products or topics of relevance and interest
  • Writing quick personal reference notes about the content they have saved for better organization

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