Why is Xamarin used for cross-platform app development?

Why is Xamarin used for cross-platform app development?

Before diving into why Xamarin is used for cross-platform development, let’s define Xamarin. It is a cross-platform app development platform based on C# which allows you to develop applications for Android and iOs. From Xamarin, we can develop a mobile app that has a native look and feel.

Now that we have got an overall idea of what Xamarin is, Let’s explore out the 8 major reasons why we use it for cross-platform development.

Open Source Platform

Xamarin being an open-source platform proving a lot of open source components, the developers have the liberty and flexibility to vary those components(which can be accessed for free) according to their requirements.

Less and Easy to learn

Why waste time learning one or more programming languages to an already lengthy list of things you must learn?

You can start working with Xamarin immediately if you are an experienced .Net/C# developer. Xamarin provides a complete implementation of C# and an incredibly thorough implementation of the .NET class libraries.  

Even if you know less or nothing about .Net, still you take very little time learning it as compared to other languages.

You need to learn only one language, C#, which will be effective on both the platforms which makes Xamarin- easy to work platform.


Xamarin Architecture


Enhanced Time to market

Xamarin allows the user to write the code once and reuse the greater part of the code for other solutions, thus cutting down the extra amount of time in performing the same procedures again.

The simplified development procedure also helps in cutting the costs and reducing the time of the development cycle.

Lesser number of bugs

The less code we write, the fewer errors we are likely to commit. Using Xamarin, we don’t require to write two separate sets of codes thus increasing the chances of complexity and increase in the number of bugs.  A single, comprehensive set of tests that validate the codes for both platforms is also one reason that Xamarin tends to result in fewer bugs. 

Native User performance

Xamarin provides a native user interface because the codes are written in C# which is an object-oriented programming language.

This lets the app access the features of the device like a camera, microphone etc,  providing the benefits of a native app. And this fact also makes Xamarin-based solutions surpass their hybrid competitors. 

Benefits of Xamarin Forms

Xamarin.Forms add an extra feather to the cap because it enables developers to create and share user interfaces across iOS, Android and Windows Phone,  Xamarin. Forms allow developers to design views quicker and use them for many platforms. 

Also, the developers have the option to use native controls of each mobile platform while creating the user interface. Thus, it becomes easier for them to customize the user interface’s look and feel of the user interface. 

Offline Use Availability

Xamarin stands ahead of other frameworks providing the feature of the cloud for reliable data synchronization that helps in using the app where we don’t have internet connectivity.

Offline usability of an app enhances the convenience of its users making the app very handy.

Simplified maintenance and Testing

If you want the application or fix some issues, all you need to do is to make changes in the source code which will be automatically applied to other solutions. It really helps saving time.

Xamarin Test Recorder and  Test Cloud are the comprehensive solutions available for the developers.  Using this they can test the performance and user interface of the application on the cloud. These Xamarin tests clouds allow the testing of applications on the cloud, making the process simpler, shorter and faster.


We can say that Xamarin is proving to be the best option for mobile app development, amongst all the others that are available. With its user-friendly interface and amazing performance, it is outreaching the needs of the developers as well as the users.

With these amazing reasons mentioned above, Xamarin is gaining more attention every day and with good reason and is one of the best choices for cross-platform mobile app development.

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