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Winner M Is Here. Sorry Obama, We Can No Longer Keep Your Secret!


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We do not even call ourselves politicians and still we have created something that Barrack Obama may have wanted to keep it as a secret at least for few more years.

As the dawn turns into a day so as long hours of work guided by a clear vision and leadership is now about to see its first day with brightness that seems promising. Mobiloitte is officially announcing the launch of Winner M, mobile solution for management of audacious election campaigns.

It may not be a huge surprise that the creation of Winner M was inspired by Barrack Obama’s stellar story of success and his re-election as the first Afro-American president in the history of the US with the help of one of the most disruptive phenomenon since the invention of the steam machine – Social media

Long before we started putting lines of codes together in creating something that could help other politicians replicate Obama’s election success we have plunged ourselves into in depth research of Obama’s technology powered election tactics and models of campaign management and audience engagement, suspecting that there must be a simple way to represent his formula.

What we find out was something like this:  equation 2


  • W – The result or the winning outcome of his campaign attributing to:
  • Sm – social media
  • E – The effect of empowering people through social media and other channels

Winner M

In other words, the success of his election campaign was based on the fact that he empowered his voters and sympathizers and that feeling of power was amplified by with the Social media. These 2 variables hold the secret to his winning game which we have fully integrated inside the capabilities of Winner M. Now we shall attempt to explain them individually and through the prism of psychology and technology.

First of all Obama gave his voters the power to run and contribute the campaign on their own, reinforced with tools that would help them achieve a real impact and almost touch that impact. His platform my.barrackobama.com promoted under the slogan “Do it Yourself Citizenship” made that possible and that is where everything started from. On that portal the sympathizer was able to open his own profile, assign for the cause that he is willing to stand for being a part of Obama’s agenda as well and use the online tools available to recruit more people to it.

Phone calls, door to door visits, email sent or blog post written – the individual was able to quantify and measure his impact and that further gamified and pushed him towards more activity. For that purpose we have integrated full Social media integration inside Winner M that would make your campaign viral across the web with features like:

  • Blog and user generated content discovery
  • Social media sharing for various triggers (donation submitted, blog post read, event attended etc.)
  • News/Press releases with location based RSS feed
  • Picture gallery

Now you can make turn your voter into your soldier and part of an army and that gave him sense of belonging and community. Obama did not keep the nectar of success to his narrow team of strategist. Instead he let the masses taste it and fight for some more of it. It is a brilliant concept and we integrated it in Winner M as well.

And that is just half of the equation

The second part of Obama’s phenomenal election campaign recipe was the extensive and almost aggressive use of Social media. Just to get the picture about how did he use Social media, have a look at the following comparison ratios for campaign generated content across various channels between Obama and Romney, his political opponent:

  • Facebook updates 4:1
  • Twitter updates 17:1
  • Blog post updates 2:1
  • YouTube videos 2:1

Every activity, every success or every pledge by every sympathizer was easily shareable via my.barrackobama.com and its Mobile application. Obama did not wait for the voters to reinvent his slogans and concepts by themselves. Instead his social media team flooded the Twitter network with almost 30 engaging status updates every hour that the community immediately accumulated and spread like a virus. In other words, he was constantly present in every possible channel. From Facebook to Pinterest, he overpowered his opponent’s social media activity on every front. Just compare 1830 videos on his official YouTube channel compared to only 330 from Romney, his political opponent. It is just huge.

Fundraising reinvented

One of Obama’s social media powered electoral campaign legacy is sure the way he has reinvented campaign fundraising. Compared to his predecessors like George Bush who has raised only $8.8 million Obama’s fundraising campaign harnessed remarkable $122 millions still way above compared to the amount that his political counterpart raised – $27.7 millions.

What did Obama do?

First of all he was the first presidential candidate in the history of the US who has fully denied participating in the public financing system for presidential campaigns. Instead he found better way to leverage the power of the American people – You can guess – Social Media.

This was obvious and so simple but still his team of strategists led by Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of Faceboook was first to notice it. With the advent of Social media never before people were connected in such a large number on the same platform like Facebook. Amazingly Obama’s campaign was funded largely by micro donations in amounts of approximately $200. Every small act of donation and support was shareable over Social media and the mobile version of my.barrackobama.com which was now anywhere the activist was.

That was made possible through integrating online payment services like Google Checkout with Facebook where every donation was immediately visible to the person’s network thus providing social proof for more people to join. If I see more and more people from my friends list donating small funds for some cause I would surely want to join the club with my own contribution.

This is just a small fragment of the entire study we have conducted during the last several months which contain elaboration and insights  for his tactics on each one of the prominent social media platforms individually.  The study will soon be available for anyone who will opt-in for trial and implementation of  Winner M. We are convinced that Winner M is going to be a sure blast and we are eager to share some more of its secrets very soon. If you are willing to know more about Winner M, visit its official website or simply request a demo with the following form:


Looking forward to hear from you