Windows 10

Windows 10: Will Empower Smartphone Users And Boost Their Overall Market Share Globally


Windows 10 will soon be launching this summer officially for mainstream users. Why is it so special?

It does away with the numerous UI glitches and shaky experiences of Windows 8 and comes with familiar and more balanced elements from Windows 7 in a remodeled and better avatar.

A myriad of new features will be a part of this new release, which is currently being touted as one of the most though-after releases to be done by Microsoft.

Here we look at a few possibilities that Windows 10 will have in its slew of features that are set to shake up the market currently pre-dominated by Android and iOS platforms. People are yet to accept Lumia devices in the mainstream market since it somehow doesn’t match up to the bevy of customization options an Android provides.

Windows 10 OS is expected to come with these nifty features that are sure to make mobile users very happy:

1)      The Start Menu Makes A Comeback

Windows 8 was a disaster! Windows 10 now aims to bring back the ever-loved start menu for quick access to apps and the tiles menu.

2)      Clutter-Free Interface

The interface will now be less mundane and arrangement of tiles will be more neat and tidy. By simply swiping the screen you can gain quick access to recently downloaded files or apps. Personalized results like searches. The taskbar will have a ‘snap-assist’ feature to quickly demarcate favourite apps to a favourable location.

3)      Superior Settings Enhancements

The settings menu has gone under an overhaul and the access to your preferences will now be faster and more streamlined. Sync of preferences over all your Windows devices will also much smoother thanks to the Windows Action Centre inbuilt in WP10 that will allow you to access similar notifications across multiple Windows devices.

4)      Internet Explorer? No More! Spartan Is Here.

The Internet Explorer 9 will finally be given a farewell! The laggy and slow browser often part of ridicule in comparison to faster browsers like Chrome or Firefox is now being replaced by highly rumoured Spartan browser that is based on a brand new rendering engine and will be available on all WP platforms. The Spartan browser can now help you to better organize bookmarks, browser history and subscribed RSS feeds with a much faster response time compared to IE 9.

5)      AIO Messaging And Call – All-In-One Features

The brand new version 10 OS will now feature a fully-integrated message centre that will keep all your messages, Skype data and Whatsapp data apart from all such apps into once place. You can now place a call directly via Skype from this AIO screen when connected to a data service.

6)      Brand New Floating Keyboard

A brand new and well-designed keyboard will well-spaced buttons and integrated voice to text typing features will now be a part of WP10. The latest addition to this keyboard is that it can detect names from your contact list and insert them easily when you type a message or an email, hashtag creation for social media outlets is also very easy now with the new keyboard.

7)      Same Version Of Apps Usable On All Windows 10 Devices

A brilliant introduction this! Now you can use the same and exact version of any app across all the Windows devices you own. What this means that using Microsoft office will now be easier to use and now you can access and edit your documents more easily on your Windows Phone or tablet device.

8)      Free! Free! Free!

Unlike Windows PC OS, this version will be free and readily available with the devices you buy. OTA updates for all Lumia devices will be free and easier to download. Any other upgrades or fixes to this OS will also come free of charge.

9)      Designed For The Enterprise

A lot of apps will now be more enterprise-oriented for quicker access to their shortcuts. For people using a keyboard with their mobile device such as a convertible tablet, a ‘Continuum’ mode will adjust the UI depending on your distance from the device.

Well, these features do look tempting, but how will it impact a consumer market already taken over by the likes of Android and iOS devices?

  • We think it will impact the demographics a little bit for sure. Windows 8 phones were not accepted by a majority of users due to Nokia’s failure to provide them with a feature-rich phone.
  • Lumia’s camera, bespoke of the price, the rest of it was very dry and unappealing apart from the phone’ look.
  • Windows 10 will definitely strike a chord with new smartphone users since its experience promises to be more user-friendly and less cumbersome than ever before.
  • The new keyboard is also as capable as an Android keyboard and is sure to be a hit with youngsters who love to be on social media all the time.
  • Microsoft’s latest announcement is the cherry on the cake! Soon, Windows 10 will easily replace an Android installation with a software that is still under development. What this means that users bored with an Android can easily switch on to a Windows 10 OS version. The feature is currently being tested on Xiaomi Mi 4 tablets.

Windows 10 will score big! Since a well-thought out upgrade is always welcome by loyal users, this upgrade will be widely accepted. If the switch from an Android installation to a Windows 10 one works out well, then Windows 10 might potentially kill a fair share of Android’s hold on the smartphone sales.