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Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Technologies has the trait of changing itself every fortnight.  With the coming of the Smartphones, this has given birth to the app development and creating apps that are making lives easier. Well, it can be said that the Mobile app Industry is growing faster over a decade and When it comes to app development, businesses often get confused what to offer their clients. An App with proper User Interface (UI) or an App with outstanding User-experience (UX) or delivering the apps which are compatible on various platforms and are faster to develop in the first place.

Keeping all the factors in the picture, We have got the best solution for all this New technology platform React Native will be the future of Mobile Apps.

Its surprising to say that the term ” REACT NATIVE ” had more searches then Android Development and iOS development. Yes this tells that the React Native Development platforms has lots to offer to the developers.

React Native is the native version of the JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications for iOS and android platforms.  With great popularity backed by Facebook, this App Development platform helps to build production-ready mobile applications.

The Hybrid app development platform has maintained its status and is the potential and an asset for the future app development. We have hands-on experience on React Native Development. So here are some best reasons why we believe that React will the be the next success for app development.

Shorter Development Cycles

Being the best open source project this has various modules and components available for us making the process of development faster up to 30%. With the best development tools hygiene – the code generator framework, redux – the state management tool and other help to reduce the development time drastically.

Enhanced Code Reusability 

Code once and use that for different platforms. With low cost and shortcodes, this makes to find faults and bugs easily. With the fewer code lines, this will reduce the testing time and helps you to deliver the apps faster.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Majority of React Native APIs are hybrid, which means it can be work on both Android and iOS. This will provide platform specific file extensions and selects the correct file depending upon the OS running in the app.

Third party Plugin 

The react native library helps to make use of third-party plugins which make easier to incorporate hardware or device inbuilt elements like GPS, Bluetooth in the app.

With the best features and benefits come together into low cost, faster app performance, and easier upkeep, transforming to huger profits to companies and benefits to customers. The Use of react native bring gears up the speed in Mobile App Development and will create opportunities for the developer to create improved interactive applications.


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